Cancer is enough time to move around.

Cancer diagnoses your life more. But there is enough time to move around. In the coming months, you will adopt the most important decisions of your life.

Follow these tips, reduce emotional stress and give you the best chance to fight. And after completing the slide, read Part 1, Day 1 Healthy, Patient Cancer Next: Find the best results with the most tips.1. Heal the panic attack: it works to reduce the level of stressNegative emotions can affect your ability to produce well-planned solutions and cause stress to prevent the immune system. And I wish you all the mind and body as healthy as on the road. Thought takes a deep and clean breath. The train or just comes out.

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Accelerating your mind can help you physically and mentally.2. Do not let guides guide fearMany cancers, including breast cancer, can be slow. One or two weeks of complete research on cancer and treatment should not ruin the chances of survival. The same goes for diagnosis and operation; Operation and additional treatment. You can wait for a few weeks (or even one or two) to synchronize your surgeon plans, radiation oncology and oncologist and you will have to leave.

Be patient3. Do not listen to horror stories”My uncle was my worst life experience.” This type of information is shared with a patient with a diagnosis of cancer, more than a nonsense, but people do it all the time. If someone begins a story about history, tell him that he will be happy to finish at this time and if the story does not just rejoice, he will not listen.4. Reception of workAt first, I was afraid, but now you’re mad: in fact, I’m worried.

He did everything correctly: practice, healthy diet, smoking, drinking, but he still has cancer. 1) This is not your fault. 2) Do not return. 3) Relieve fear. 4) Imagination and energy prevention. What do you want to control the cancer against this visit during your attitude? Work on itStop: Help your family and friendsYou have cancer and that means you can have a lot of changes: your normal routine, your physical abilities, your work and your help around you. Instead of thinking about the ways to learn, “Thank you, I do not need to do it,” he learns, “Yes, I love something.

” People close to the people will do something. They can not cure cancer; Give them lunch, wash their clothes and the garden. They feel better; Then you like it6. Loss of control: on the roadAre you mother of discipline? Anyone with whom is the level of comfort connected directly in any case? It’s time to relieve drains.

During treatment, during the recovery time, the possible side effects, none of these may affect or change. When the tree is strong, it can attract more power. But when it leaves leaves and it falls, it is locked safely. This topic has a magazine and not a tree.7. Playing the odds: they are your advantagesIf it has not been diagnosed with high quality IV cancer, it is okay, it will survive the disease. According to the National Cancer Institute, the survival rate for breast cancer is 89.

7 percent in five years, and some varieties – 99 percent. Keep in mind these thoughts during your treatment: they are safe for your benefit.


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