The deceased. The female figure in the front

The piece I have chosen is a marble artwork representing “The sarcophagus with the Life of Achilles” Roman, Made in Athens, AD 180-220. The subject of this work is depiction of an ancient idea that shows a funeral repository for the remains of a dead body. The main subject of this sarcophagus it illustrates three episodes from the life of Achilles. He was known to be the greatest Greek hero.This a three-dimensional rectangular object with a big removable cover for the top of the sarcophagus.

Both figures look similar but one figure represents a woman and the other a man. They are both reclining on what seems to be a couch. The figure has unfinished faces. These figures represent the deceased. The female figure in the front has lengthy hair, breast, and a round face. The other figure is a make. He has facial hair; seems to show masculinity on his face and angular shaped. Both seem to be wearing lengthy comfortable clothes.

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The back is not visible because the object is up against the wall there’s no way of telling if the object has any story or meaning on the back. The figure of a man holding this long big shield is in the frontal center. He looks like he’s getting into his chariot with two horses as he listens to another man maybe looking for some sort of direction from him. On the bottom center there is this naked male figure laying on the ground.

Seems to be a lot going on as he’s tied up to the chariot. I see other male figures on this relief. Some of them are dressed, and other are fully dressed. They seem to have different movement postures.

The right side of this relief of a young man with a big shield. His right leg is in front his head is turned in the opposite direction. He looks like he is departing somewhere and overseeing on whom stays around. An older woman puts her hands around the young man’s neck holding the shield and falls to her knees.

On the right side of this segment there is a bearded shirtless with the bottom half covering his lower body. He is sitting on a stool next to three women next to him. I see another bearded man on the left with a hat. He seems to be looking at the young man with the shield. The relief on the left side does not show much action. More of a mellow calm theme.

The central is a man in a helmet with a shield behind him. It seems that he is being held by the other men in this relief. One of the men is in the front, and the other in on the other side attaching details to his clothing.


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