Official Dethroned Gorgasm Gorlock Hadez Horde Hate Hate

Official deathmetal band of 2001 many of them are saanist but hundreds are good ol christians.AbominantAbsolute ZeroAceldamaAcerbusAcheronAcrimonyAgent SteelAmon AmarthAmorphisAnal BlastAnal CuntAnasarcaAncientAncientCeremonyAngel CorpseAriusAutopsy TormentAutumnLeavesAvulsedBal-SagothBaneBastardwordBeheadedBenevolenceBleeding DisplayBlood CovenBloodgasmBloody SignBloodvomitBolt ThrowerBorknagarBrodequinBroken HopeBrutal NoiseButcheryCadaverousCannibal CorpseCarcariassCarnal GriefCastrumCatastrophicCentinexChildren Of BodomCiboriumCineraryCiribusCoffin TextsCoprofagoCorpsevomitCrack UpCremationCrematoriumCrest ofDarknessCrimson ThornCryptopsyDamien ThorneDark DaysDark DiscipleDeadenDead JesusDeamonDecapitatedDecay Of SalvationDeeds of FleshDeicideDefleshedDehumanizedDemionDeprecatedDerangedDescendentDevourmentDiabolicDiabolic IntentDiabolousDimmu BorgirDismembered FetusDisgorgeDivine EmpireDivine RaptureDying FetusDwelling MadnessE.

C.T.EnforsakenEngraveEnshroudEpicediumEternal Tears of SorrowEulogyEvil IncarnateExhumatorExposing InnardsFamineFates WarningFleshcraveFleshgrindGallery of DarknessGates of IshtarGod DethronedGorgasmGorlockHadez HordeHateHate EternalHate PlowHatescarHateworkHavohejEnorhtedHellwitchImpaledImmolationImmortal DominionIncantationInfamyInfernal MajestyInfernal TormentInfest And CorruptInfestumInflamesInfusionInhuman HatredInsanityInternal BleedingJudas PriestKabakKataklysmKrabathorKrisiunLangsuirLehavothLeukorrheaLividityLockupMaladictionMalamorMaleficentMalevolent CreationMalignancyMeatshitsMeltdownMorbid AngelMonstrosityMortician<?A>MortuorioNecrophagiaNeurosisNew PlagueNileNightwishNinth LevelNoctuaryNun SlaughterObeliskObituaryObscurityOf Trees And OrchidsOratoriumOriginOrphanagePains InventionPessimistPostmortemProphecyPutrilagePurgatoriaPurge CannisterRancorRegurgitationRequiemRiseRiseRudraSadistic IntentSanctorumScytheSepsismSevenday CurseSetherialSicknessSirrahSinergySinisterSix Feet UnderSkinlessSlaughter Of SoulsSlayerSolstice of SufferingSplattered CadaverStratovariusSuffocationTchildresThanatosThe InsomniaThe KovenantTherionThorazineThy SerpentTiburonTonTrokarTwin ObscenityUnnatural EndUnsanctifiedVictims of Internal DecayVillainthrophyVociferation EthernityVulpeculaWarmenWithinWormedVaderVehemenceViiarcanoVileViolenciaViral LoadVirusVisceral BleedingVivisectVomit RemnantsBut there are un official deathmetal abnds as well here are some of them:BrujeriaCannibal CorpseCannibal CorpseWeb of Razors(COB)Children of bodomChildren of BodomDeathDimmu BorgirHate EternalMorbid AngelNightwishSepsismSinister SlaytanicTherionVenomDeathmetal is a low sounding violent assult on all your cense and it is becoming evermore popular in the subculters of todays youth. bands like cannibal corpse and slayer with some what satanic lyrics and punching chords todays youth have no choice but to become the children of the new is an qutobioThe Story:Back in Buffalo,NY in 1989 the breaking up of two bands, Tirant Sin and Beyond Death, resulted inthe creation of a monster called “Cannibal Corpse”. The group recorded a demo in Niagara Falls, NYentitled “Cannibal Corpse”, not “Suffocation” like many of you think.

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The demo caught the eye of Metal Blade Records and the band was signed right away. The birth of”Eaten’ Back To Life” was the first step to being the GODS of death metal. Check out thediscography section for a complete listing of albums and song titles.

There have been several changes in the line-up throughout the bands’s history, First the departure ofBob Rusay. Listen to the first album & you will understand why. Without Jack Owen, theguitar-playing on the album would sound like mud. The acquisition of fellow Buffalonian Rob Barrett,who had also played in Dark Deception, Solstice and Malevolent Creation was a welcomed change.Rob left Cannibal Corpse in late 97′ to persue other areas. Next came the departure of Chris Barnes who later formed his own band, Six Feet Under.

Thisoccured during the recording of “Vile” which was, at the time, tentatively entitled “Created to Kill”.Thats where George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher came into play. He has been a change for the better andhas done a great job in filling the shoes of a great singer for his time. The newest member is Pat O’Brien, formerly of Nevermore and Monstrosity . He is by far the bestreplacement they could have found. In the past, the 700 club, Bob Dole and a lot of closed-minded people have tried unsuccessfully tostop Cannibal Corpse in their quest to make the heaviest, most brutal music possible. As for thefuture, who knows? They will continue to make music as long as there are fans out there whocontinue to support the band.

graphy of the band Cannibal Corpse.


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