Two work told me that Bobbio had stopped

Two summers ago I started working at this gun shop. Its not a great job but its money I didn’t have before. While working there, I met a guy by the name of Daval Snuff. He’s real smart(even though he dropped out of highschool) funny, nice, and knows a lot about guns. Two of Daval’s best friends,BoodaSac and Feebus, told that he had a little crush on me.The problem was, I already had a boyfriend.

When I told Daval about Bobbio, my boyfriend, he threatenedto kill him.He said he would literally kill him over me. It may sound weird but, I was flattered.

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I didn’t know if he was seriousabout it or not, so I took a vacation.While on vacation I went to church and had a good prayer with Pastor Mickey. He simply told me not to believe him. On the fourth comingday of her vacation the guys at work told me that Bobbio had stopped by thestore. They also mentioned that he met Daval..

.When I called Bobbio no one answered, I got suspious. Little did I know that Daval had invited him to go hunting. What Bobbio didn’t know was that Daval was hunting for HIM..

.Little did Daval know, Bobbio was a trained asassign for the MM(MexicanMafia). Bobbio knew something was up when Daval shot him with a tranquilizer dart,but Bobbio being the trained assasign that he is took the dart out and sucked the poisonout and spit it in Daval’s eye.The deadly poison from the dart severly wounded Daval’s eyes leaving him blind andalone.With Bobbio gone, Daval was left to fend for himself.

Daval alone and searching for foodstumbled upon what he thought was to be a meal, was actually the dreaded Poontang Bug whichquickly killed Daval.Bobbio and I are married with nine children, each one named after a Poontang bittenDaval Snuff. No one ever talks about the day when Daval and Bobbio went hunting and only Bobbio returned(hints the name THE DAVAL SNUFF PROJECT) Words/ Pages : 424 / 24


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