The data was collected from a similar sample size of the present study

The data was collected from a similar sample size of the present study (453 patients attending Primary Health Care Centers in Hail City) and revealed a mean score of 3.60 ( on a scale from 1 to 5) for the overall satisfaction level. The highest satisfactory dimension was reported to be for the quality of the services provided by the doctors and staff and a lowest for accessibility to medical care and the availability of doctor).
In another study involved 700 patients in the city of Al-Riyadh, revealing an overall satisfaction level of 64.2% which is less than the results reported by the present study.
Advanced models of delivering primary health care are being implemented in various countries of the world through the development of family medicine.
Patient’s opinion and satisfaction of the health care provided is considered an important evaluation tool for the health systems anywhere in the world.
According to the results reported by a study done in Turkey in 2913 to explore whether introducing the family medicine model in Turkish health system could attain the principal roles of primary care and have an incorporated part in the Turkish health care system, it was shown that the family medicine model in Turkey is incapable to run a appropriate configuration to participate efficiently in improving the health care services.
This come in coherence with our study findings as no significant difference was revealed for the chosen satisfactory dimensions between the health care centers providing family-medicine services compared to those with no family-medicine ones.
In another research study conducted in Turkey during 2010 to 34.472 patients measuring the “patient satisfaction in primary health services” by ministry of health, It was reported that the rate of the patient satisfaction is %82 in the cities where family medicine model is applied.