The approach is viewed to be more convenient

The data collected will be analysed quantitatively since the study includes quantitative data. All data will be uploaded in an excel sheet and then analysed using SPSS. The validity of the data will have to be assessed.

Thus, this research study will employ purely quantitative research techniques in its data analysis. This integrated approach is viewed to be more convenient when dealing with respondents who have busy schedules and limited time at their disposal. The analytical instrument for this study is the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) using graphs, tables and descriptive statistics. This software has been widely used by researchers as a data analysis technique (Zikmund, 2003:1). The following statistical Inferences will be used :• Reliability analysis, to measure reliability using Cronbach alpha; and• Correlation analysis to assess the relationship of the demographics with the other variables in the questionnaire. The results have been discussed in Chapter Four.

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9.5 PILOT STUDY A pilot study is important before collecting data, according to Saunders et al. (2009:394).

The motives behind performing a pilot test are :• To improve the questionnaire.• People participating in the research will have no issues in responding the questions.• The recording of data will be easier.• Ability to assess the validity of the questions.• To evaluate the consistency of the information that will be collected.• Verify the research methods utilised.• Make sure that the research approaches adopted are realisable.Pilot investigation of the experimental test data can be carried out to make sure that the information gathered will help to answer the research questions.

(Saunders et al., 2009: 394).In this study, a pilot investigation with a sample of 10 respondents will be undertaken and their comments will help to adjust the questionnaire accordingly.10. ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS The data collection stage is linked with some ethical issues, according to Saunders et al.

(2009:193). The following principles of ethical considerations will be taken into account in the proposed research:• The researcher will ensure that the respondents, that is, the bank’s customers are not exposed to any kind of harm, either reputational or behavioural;• Respect of the self-esteem of respondents will be ensured in the research since customers have confidence in their bank and the researcher will act responsibly to ensure that customers are fully respected;• Since the study is on the service quality experience and its impact on the customers’ loyalty, caution will be exercised to ensure that respondents are fully agreeable to participate in the survey;• The protection of the privacy of respondents (banks’ customers) will be ensured as the research will be anonymous; and • Before conducting the study, the researcher will ensured a clear and transparent communication of the content of the survey and the rationale behind to the respondents in an honest and transparent manner.For this research, it is important to consider these ethical matters since the research will be conducted in a particular organisation, that is, MCB, which is a reputable bank in the country.

Its customers believe in the institution and trust that their opinions are valued.


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