(B) is compatible with the TRIPS Agreement

(B) Modernization of IP offices: Provide additional staff to introduce more computer networks to support on-line therapy, the strength and novelty of the database search engines to raise awareness of production and provide access to international treaties / conventions easy to government plans to modernize the IP offices. This proposal was taken up in the 11th FYP. (C) Madrid Protocol on Trademarks: The Madrid Protocol, administered by WIPO, is straightforward, supportive and cost-effective system of international registration of trademarks. If India becomes a member of that Indian companies have preferred to register their mark in this Protocol by all countries in submitting a single application. Amendment to the Trade Marks Act is underway, so that our country can be a member of protocol. (D) The International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA): ISA and IPEA are to provide reports on a unique search and examination reports on a variety of inventions for patenting.

India has been discussed in the plan to get recognition for Indian Patent and Trademark Office as International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty Office. (E) Mashelkar Committee: Government of India has created a group of technical experts to examine the following issues in patent law: (a) Whether it is compatible with TRIPS to limit the granting of a patent medicine applies only to new chemical entities or new medical device. (b) Whether it is compatible with the TRIPS Agreement excludes the patenting of micro-organisms. Bottom line is that India is one of the most responsible members of WTO. In addition, the waves of the global software industry in India developed strict laws to protect intellectual property rights in the country. Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft Corporation India has been rated one of the strongest software development pedestals. It appears that the argument that if a person like Bill Gates, who is both very aware of IPR issues can be called one of the following destinations in India are in software development, so that foreign companies should not worry about protecting their intellectual property rights while investing in India.

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