The once valued was derailed. Maoist did

The Cultural Revolution affected family livelihood, considering that Yang young life, after joining the Red Guard, we do not hear about her father anymore. Rae’s family was separated, and the education that she once valued was derailed. Maoist did not care much about family but cared more about its legacy and development. The story is written from a woman point of view, and the reader can know about the lives of various women during the revolution. However, misfortunes that befell on Yang ushered well-being, the people who ate crabs must have eaten spiders too.

After realizing that past experiences were terrible, then the people who ate spider can tell the people who have not tasted spiders that, spiders are not tasty (Yang 194). The lesson from the book is people who experienced Cultural Revolution in China deserve gratitude, and they can, without doubt, say that the revolution affected the Chinese in a harmful and detrimental way. Therefore, Spider Eaters is a memoir and an experience shared by Yang during the revolution. Yang exclaims what Chinese people lost was evident, but “what we gained is difficult to say,” meaning there is something to learn in every situation

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