the may be suffering with a mental illness,

the concept of safeguarding vulnerable adults is the process of which brings together all those involved in the protection of the individual to identify any allegations of abuse. The vulnerable person should always be informed of the process and be involved in the decision , giving as much choice as possible.
a vulnerable adult is someone over the age of 18 who may be suffering with a mental illness, have a physical disability or are unable to take care of themselves. The process of safeguarding is to ensure that no exploitation or harm comes to those individuals either physically emotionally or financially.
Abuse is a violation of an individuals human and civil rights. This can come in many forms physical abuse could be hitting shaking ,keeping someone confined to an area against there will , withholding food or drink force feeding or failing to provide aids to mobility for example wheel chair . sexual abuse where the person has not consented or cannot consent to the sexual act. inappropriate touching of an individual .
By being aware of the different types of abuse identifying service users who are potentially at risk of abuse and keeping up to date risk assessments and care plans in place all those involved in the delivery of care informed of any new risks identified helps to keep people safe .
Training of all staff on safeguarding policy’s and procedures is imperative . disclosing information during handover and supervision is a good form of sharing information . Also to log any concerns within the correct paperwork .


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