The Computer Baby and Genetic Engineering The

The Computer Baby and Genetic Engineering

The “computer baby” is a recent form of the technology, known as CRISPR, which is used to genetically engineer or modify the embryo of a baby. Using the computer baby, scientists are able to directly understand the traits and characteristics of an unborn baby. When conception takes place, technology is used to modify and edit the genomes of the baby to desires of the parents. Specific tools are designed to open the embryo and insert new strands of DNA. The computer baby is used to display the genomes and the edits needed throughout the procedure. In the development of genetic engineering since its invention in 1972, many experiments have taken place to learn and fully understand the exact functions of the DNA and how to replace and edit them. Over the years, technology has developed into a greater and more significant role in society. Scientists have used this technology, known as CRISPR, to create tools to cooperate with the process of genetic engineering. The tools have been used to edit the genomes in the embryo of humans, plants, animals, foods, and medicines. Although genetic engineering already involves a significant amount of technology and research, the computer baby was created to provide a more accurate prediction of the traits of one unborn baby in order to more precisely modify a future baby.

The new development of the computer baby is a huge step in genetic engineering, creating a broad variety of uses of genetic engineering. The computer baby is a CRISPR device that is used to scan the embryo at conception and reveal the traits of the baby. When the computer baby is used, the egg is fertilized outside of the mother’s womb, causing the embryo to lose the support it needs and dies. The killing of the embryo is a major problem because not only is it killing a life, but it is also only discovering the outcomes of a baby that will never have the chance to live.

The Punnett square is another and much older way of predicting the outcome of a baby and uses traits from parents and ancestors. Using the dominant and recessive traits of the parents, scientists are able to estimate the genes that the baby will inherit from his or her parents. The computer baby is not regularly used for the knowledge of a future baby, but more for the knowledge of life threatening illnesses and disforminites being passed on through generation of a family. When genetic engineering is taking place, the scientists use evidence from the computer baby to edit the genomes to avoid or delete the malfunctions of the embryo. In the process of genetic engineering, the scientists must obtain a copy of the insulin gene. “Insulin is a proteinaceous hormone secreted by beta-cells of islets of langerhans of pancreas. Insulin controls, blood sugar level and when there is less secretion of insulin, it results in diabetes” (Structure of Insulin). The insulin gene produces instructions to create the hormone insulin. The hormone insulin is needed to control the level of the glucose in the blood. Insulin is created in a forerunner called proinsulin, which includes a chain of protein building blocks. After the insulin gene is copied, it is inserted into the vector. The plasmid molecule is opened and then mixed with the insulin gene along with a ligase enzyme. The insulin gene must attach to the plasmid before the plasmid is closed. After this procedure is finished, new DNA is created in the protein molecules in the embryo.

The computer baby possesses some advantages throughout the procedure of genetic engineering. The computer baby is a recent form of technology used to scan the embryo of a baby and display the exact outcomes of the baby. The predictions can be helpful for many families who suffer from inherited diseases and deformities. Using this new structure of technology, these families have access to the knowledge of the inheritance of these diseases. Once the parents learn the outcome of the baby, they receive an estimation of the genomes of the child. With the help of the computer baby, the parents can also learn the treatments for specific illnesses or deformities the child could potentially have.

Although there are advantages of the usage of a computer baby, there are many more disadvantages. The greatest disadvantage is the fact that it is murder. The computer baby does predict the exact traits of a baby, but for a baby that will deliberately never be born. The computer baby is used for an estimation of outcomes of the next baby planned. When conception takes place, it creates an embryo and that embryo has the potential to become anything. Scientists genetically modify this embryo using CRISPR and genetic engineering. However, the computer baby is only used for predicting outcomes. Once the embryo is scanned, it does not have the support it needs to live and so it then dies.

Another disadvantage of genetic engineering and the computer baby is genocide and “playing God”. Genocide is the killing of people with traits that are undesirable to someone. Genetic engineering is the creation of people with traits that are specifically chosen by someone. These two activities work together to create a “world of perfect people” (MIT Technology Review). In the years 1941 through 1945 under the rule of Adolf Hitler, about 6 million Jews and approximately 5 million other groups such as the disabled, homosexuals, Romani, Catholics, communist civilians, and many others were persecuted. Although the scientists involved in genetic engineering know that Hitler was an evil man who caused a genocide, those scientists do not realize or acknowledge that by performing this genetic engineering with the computer baby, they are performing the same exact act.

One last problem of the computer baby and genetic engineering is the reducement of the diversity among the world. When a baby is genetically modified, certain traits are either added, deleted, or edited. The modification of the embryo causes a change in the history of the family line and limits the diversity of the next generation.

The use of the computer baby and genetic engineering come with many effects on many lives. The baby, the parents, the doctors and scientists, and the families of the parents are all affected by the process of killing embryos and genetic engineering. The genetically modified baby is majorly affected by the lack of many traits and characteristics that have been passed on for many generations. Another effect of genetic engineering is the unconfirmed results of the baby. The parents and scientists spend a significant amount of time trying to perfect the process of genetically editing the embryo to their liking. However, every edit and modification of the baby is not affirmed. Although rare, malfunctions and mistakes do occur in the technology. These malfunctions cause major deformities in the embryo which could possibly kill the baby selected to be born, in addition to the first baby. Genetic engineering should not be done at all to humans and if it is performed, then it should be performed with much more care so that more lives are not lost.

The computer baby plays a large role in the genetic engineering environment and science world today. Scientists have expanded the products of genetic engineering onto plants, foods, medicines and antibiotics, and many other non-human factors. The usage of genetic engineering on non-human products are created to support a life that is in need of help. The usage of genetic engineering on humans is evil because humans are to be created in the eyes of God, not through the eyes of men. In recent years with newer technology and devices, people have become more selfish and inconsiderate. Many traditional values have been washed away through acts such as abortion, genetic engineering, and euthanasia. However, some of the ideas that people have discovered with the uses of genetic engineering have helped the economy in many ways. The uses of genetic engineering on medicines and antibiotics have created a healthier environment and have created cures for many diseases and illnesses. By using genetic engineering on medicines, scientists can replace, add, delete, or edit the DNA in the cells of the medicines creating a stronger antibiotic.

The computer baby is a recent development of technology and has majorly impacted the performance of the procedure of genetic engineering. The recent development includes both pros and cons. The computer baby creates debate and causes discussion about the uses for genetic engineering. On the other hand, it creates a diversity of non-human products to be genetically modified to create a healthier economy. Genetic engineering should not be used on humans. Humans are specially designed in the eyes of God and should never be changed otherwise. However, uses on plants, foods, and medicines have created healthier foods, stronger vaccinations and antibiotics, and healthier plants. In future times, the world will hopefully become aware of the evil of genetic engineering and the computer baby. The computer baby is used for many things, but humans should not be one. In conclusion, the use of the computer baby and genetically engineering a human embryo is murder and creates a world of genocide.


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