The pre-developed network to reach the talent.It is

The sole purpose of the HRM is getting the people you need and exactly at the time you need. The personnel requirements are fulfilled by both in-house resources and as well as by third party providers like various recruitment services.The established recruiters have complete insights of the markets and they are a kind specialists in talent hunt. They have an estimate of the required talent, its salary slabs, required skill set and pre-developed network to reach the talent.It is necessary for a placement agency to find the right candidate rather than to acquire applicants and this has been the key to success for the top ones in the list.

The companies needs right candidates and not the numerous applicants.Big companies have big funds and a complete Personnel Management system however the SME’s utilise the same person for multiple activities. Department functions overlap in SME’s and so are unable to invest for the right search on a self behalf. The consultancy eases their job.

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One important reason why employers are seeking third party recruitment services is the time constraint. Hiring is a process usually involves the senior management and in a way a company is diverting its productive time on man power acquirement.  Utilising a genuine consultancy services not only saves the company’s precious time but also adds to the productivity of the firm.One last thing to mention is the span of reach. A well established company has a big network and a pool of resources to search from , however not all the companies small or big has the same connectivity and access to the talent pool.

This shortcoming is taken care by the recruitment agencies who continuously and daily put efforts on building their networks and value chains.  All we need is to effectively utilize their services.The benefits can be many but the above mentioned ones are the most noteworthy. Its like concentrate on the core business and leave the rest to the outsourcing units.


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