The former employed in present work to prepare

The CM has more water retention capacity and better stability compared to the prepared CM-g-PLA copolymer. The CM considered as matrix former employed in present work to prepare CM-g-PLA/CM green composite. This attempt aimed in controlling the fast degradation behavior of CM-g-PLA, concurrently to making it comparatively stable in aqueous medium. Further we also reported the synthesis of CM-g-PLA/Bentonite as composite, and its performance evaluation as adsorbent for dye removal made. The bentonite clay as adsorbent performed excellently towards dye removal as revealed by the literature.

Another modification approach of CM-g-PLA adopted here is by mixing it with the native mucilage and or BTC clay that can form an easy-to-degradade composite material having distinct functionality that might posses the potential in future to employ as adsorbent for removal of dye from solution. The degradation nature and reactivity of CM-g-PLA and its composites are some of their attractive merit.


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