The situation worst. She tried doing her best

The cloud is dark and as the
days pass it gets darker and the wind goes stronger. Diana is doing her best to
keep the boat up even though it is created to withstand that kind of force. But
it seems that what is happening to her is not natural and unusually familiar
for her. With the clouds raining ice which prevents her from maneuvering her
boat and the wind coming from multiple directions which made her boat sway that
it made the boat look like a paper and water creating a bunch of whirlpool
around her which made her situation worst. She tried doing her best not to
crash in the middle of the sea by going changing her direction to the island
which she can see not far from her location. As she goes near to the island she
then crashed which is unfortunate for her knowing that the boat is made for
withstanding all kinds of nature. She then went out of the boat slowly losing
consciousness and when she got out her consciousness is lost.

woke up in a dark cave with bunch of women which she finds familiar. She then
moves her fist to punch them but she got knocked out due to the cuffs that is
made especially for her. “She is conscious now” said by the strange woman to
her friends. “Alright! I will tell master the good news”. The woman then runs
to her master while the other woman is preparing food for Diana so then she can
speak to the master with energy. The woman cleanse Diana and Diana wakes up
asking “where am I?”. The woman did not respond which made Diana raise her
guard. Then their master came and it was not she expected which was Ares. She
then tried to attack him but she failed again due to the cuffs created for her.
“Hello there my lady, we’ve come to meet again, it’s like luck is on my side
for now.” Ares said and Diana told Ares “It won’t be long before I take you out
of this universe.” Ares then told her that Diana will be executed first thing
in the morning while being recorded to show it to her mother and as a revenge of
the exiled Amazonians. Diana then realized that all of the familiar faces that
she is seeing is all exiled Amazonians which she then tried to talk to them to
set her free. Diana said “There is still a chance to correct all your wrongs if
you can just help me get out of this island and come with me to our homeland.”
But the Amazonian responded back to her telling that “It’s better here than on
that hellish island that I was exiled for just one small mistake.” Diana tried
her best to convince her fellow Amazonian to help her get out of the island but
they all had the same reply to her.

day finished fast for Diana trying to figure out how to escape from her cuffs
but still she got nothing and then the Amazonians gave Diana her final meal and
then gave her outfit so that she is dressed up for her execution. She then ate
her last meal and wore his outfit praying to her God to guide her parents and
herself when she dies. She then is now ready to die but before that Ares told
everyone that she must be tortured first before she dies due to avenge the
exiled Amazonians while all of them screamed “torture! Torture! Torture! She is
then torture by Ares and screaming every bit of it until she got mad where she
did her best to escape from the cuffs that she was put on but failed. While
Ares was enjoying torturing Diana on her last day, Diana was getting weak and
weaker but as she gets weaker her mysterious power gets stronger little she did
know she released her power which her mother doesn’t want her to know which destroyed
the island. But her power was not strong enough to kill Ares so then Diana
looks for her sword and shield in the island which she found in her boat.
“You’re such a strong woman but you still have a lot to learn and discover
which I must stop you now before you get unstoppable!” They then fight for days
losing strength in every move they make and after 13 days of fighting they are
finally at the peak of their strength where they all gave their last shot where
Diana uses her mysterious power which destroyed Ares and the island leaving her
with little land to stay on. With little resources her number of days in that
island is limited with no way to fix her ship scattered all over the water and
no way to communicate with someone. All she had left is to hope that she will
see a boat or someone to rescue her who might have heard all the explosion they
had on the island.


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