One against injustice for many years. Afro-Americans has

One day in class, I was told to look up subjects concerning the civil rights. The only problem was that I did not know how and where to start, and neither did the rest of my classmates. After awhile working on the computers, someone in the class found out the address and presented to the whole class. I tried the address and it was not an easy task.

I found myself searching the web on the computer for some time. When I finally came to the web site page, I chose the Civil Rights Museum.The Civil Rights Museum is a historical museum that I did not know about. Why is it that I did not know where my history is told? The problem is, poor advertisement, and poor promotion is done to inform, particularly Afro-Americans, about their background of history. I should know just about this museum as the next person does, such as it contain the history of our ancestors in their unremitting struggles. African-American experience is deeply rooted by protest against injustice for many years. Afro-Americans has striven to gain the opportunity to participate in every political, economic, and social life America. This museum has specific information about my ancestors in civil rights movements.

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For example; it tells us the many voices of struggle, Nat Turner, Dred Scott, Fredrick Douglass, etc who fought against bondage by stealing from their owners, escape arson, even homicide.The civil rights museum is a useful place, because I need to know where I’ve been to know where I’m going. There are still thousands of African-Americans who do not know of such a place, and that poses a big problem.I personally think that finding information for the museum was a little difficult.

No one in my English class but a non-African American knew how to bring up the web page, and that was the first time for many students to see what the civil rights museum is, and what information about our history it has. The web-sited page collectively gave me a short summary of each part of the civil rights movement, such as the Civil War, and how thousands of African Americans were willing to participate in the military, during the war. Another is Freedom at Last, which tells how President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves by proclamation in 1862, during the civil war.

The Civil Rights Acts which were the civil rightsact of 1866, the Reconstruction act of 1867, the Enforcement Act of 1870, the Civil Rights Act of 1870, the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, and the Civil Rights Act of 1875.There are solutions to the poor advertisement and the poor promotion. What can be done is very simple; the media can play a major role in informing people by the newspapers, such as the city or state news, TV programs and radio stations. The World Wide Web site on the computer is another source of promotion, that consist of subjects or topics as an address, for an example, you may type civil or to find information pertaining to your interest.

Other sources can be the NAACP and Colleges courses, more funding could be provided to build similar museums, because overall, history is important, and thats why I chose the civil rights museum.


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