The Garden to showcase China’s rich plant

The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing will build a world-class national botanical garden based on the existing Beijing Botanical Garden to showcase China’s rich plant resources and major research results. Beijing Botanical GardenResearcher Han Xingguo, director of the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said on the 18th at the joint celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beijing Botanical Garden that the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing will work closely together on the basis of the existing two gardens of the Beijing Botanical Garden. Building a national botanical garden with international advanced level. It is necessary to carry out unified planning for the two parks to form a national botanical garden with complementary advantages, resource integration, joint management and coordinated construction.

In 1956, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing built the Beijing Botanical Garden in the Xiangshan Temple of Xiangshan in the western suburbs of Beijing, and planned to define functional divisions. The north of Xiangshan Road focuses on the opening of science popularization and leisure tourism, and the south side of Xiangshan Road focuses on the preservation and scientific research. The South Park (Beijing Botanical Garden), where the Institute of Plants of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located, uses scientific research and technological advantages to introduce and cultivate rare and endangered plants and more than 6,000 plants with important scientific, economic and ornamental value. It has become a scientific display of scientific research achievements and academic exchanges in the field of Chinese plants. Important window. The Beiyuan (Beijing Botanical Garden) managed by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape Architecture has invested a total of 478 million yuan in the past 20 years.

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It has built a peony garden, a medicinal garden, and a tropical greenhouse exhibition greenhouse. Beiyuan Xiumu stands tall and flowers are flourishing, forming a landscape that is dependent on mountains and rivers and natural and harmonious. Zhang Zuoshuang, director of the Beijing Botanical Garden, said that the first-class botanical gardens should have a high level of scientific connotation and artistic value. Beiyuan has outstanding achievements in the construction of garden art. The beautiful garden landscape and popular science facilities are comparable to the world’s advanced botanical gardens. Nanyuan has strong scientific research strength and international advanced specimen museums and libraries, with rich scientific connotations.

Without the cooperation of the other side, neither side can become a perfect botanical garden. At the end of 2003, 11 academicians including Hou Renzhi and Chen Junyu jointly wrote to the Central Committee, calling for the construction of the National Botanical Garden. Han Xingguo said: “The construction of a first-class botanical garden representing the national level has come to fruition. This botanical garden will play an important role in protecting biodiversity, implementing sustainable development strategies, raising national environmental awareness, and enhancing the image of Beijing’s international metropolis


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