The of a child’s care. After analyzing

The child that was chosen for this child development was a 4 year old male named Xavier Ysmael. Xavier is currently going to preschool in a private school. This observation assignment had started on April 18th, 2018 at 3:10pm, took place in the child’s home throughout the majority of the house.

The environment of the house is clean(when there’s not toys everywhere), organized, and especially safe. The meaning by “safe” is Xavier and his sibling feel safe and secure and the basic needs are provided to them; food, shelter, water, and clothing. During this project the following areas were observed; physical, cognitive, language, and social development. I believe this child is developing in a very typical for his age development.

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During this observationThis observation supported my understanding of preschool development by linking certain examples and effects of a child’s care. After analyzing this observation, I never realized how much you can learn from a child just by watching what they do and why they do things the way they do. When observing a child it starts off with note taking how they learn, behave, and react to situations, especially new ones, and interacting with others is a big deal. What I learned from this observation assignment is that when you care for a child you begin to understand the strengths


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