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Cheesecake factory is one among the most successful fast food companies in the world. Although the name of this company may suggest that it deals with cheese and cakes only, it should be noted that this factory offer over two hundred different food choices. Most of the menu in the factory is based on orders from its customers, a strategy adapted to cater for the different dietary requirements by different customers. The success of the Cheesecake factory can be attributed to the quality products associated with the company.

For instance, the company uses high quality ingredients in their food production and this tradition has made the factory’s products to be outstanding in the competitive fast foods industry (The cheesecake factory,1). The factory provides services both to be consumed in the many outlets of the factory and take away services for customers who wish to enjoy the factory’s products at their homes. Among the most famous products of this company are the legendary cheesecakes and special deserts (The cheesecake factory, 1).

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These take away foods provide a crucial opportunity for the factory to collect revenue because they are highly demanded. Passing by the cheesecakes factory will definitely attract ones attention. The factory outlets are situated in strategic places with high population. This strategy has enabled the factory attract a large number of customers. The various food choices provided by the cheesecakes factory has made the factory to be the most preferred among fast food providers in the market. As a result, the factory has been registering a positive growth due to the ever increasing revenue generated y the factory’s daily sales. The aim of the cheesecakes factory is to add value not only to the investors but also to the employees and customers of the factory.

For example, the factory has made the regular training of its workers a tradition. This strategy is aimed at making the employees of the factory aware of the most recent technology in the food provision industry. The factory also pays its employees an attractive salary to motivate their efforts.

Consequently, the employees of this factory apply the most current technology to ensure that the factory’s products are outstanding in the market (The cheesecake factory, 1).. Inside the factory outlets, there are attractive displays of foods. The rooms are designed in a way to ensure the comfort of its customers. The factory’s products are of a lower price compared to those of other factories providing similar products.

This ensures that customers enjoy their preferred products at a friendly price. These strategies adapted by the cheesecakes factory have made the factory’s brand a success. Through the provision of better services, the factory has been able to attract and win the confidence of many customers. In addition to providing a wide range of foods, the cheesecakes factory provides gift cards to be used for various occasions. The factory either emails cards personalized greetings and a photo of the recipient or with a logo of the factory.

In other cases, the factory sends the cards via first class mail. These gift cards are delivered with standardized prices to attract customers into the factory’s business. Through this strategy, the cheesecakes factory makes tremendous revenue collection, thus adding value to the investor. The factory’s management uses the income generated by the factory to motivate workers and improve the services of the factory. Consequently, the factory adds value to its customers by ensuring that they receive goods that will maximize their utility.

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