The “Swine! Swine! Swine!” and even throws

The first chapter describes how Big Brother influences the whole life.

You can see him on posters on the street and even at your own home. There is a telescreen in each apartment, in order to keep everybody under surveillance at any time. The party influences the language: people in Oceania speak Newspeak.

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Even cigarettes are called “victory cigarettes”.The society lives in fear, knowing that every sound is overheard and every movement scrutinised. Anyone has to have the same opinion and to obey to the regime. Explain why you think that Winston’s diary is important.In his Diary Winston writes down his thoughts. This is very important for him, because they have been running inside his head for years and he cannot talk about it with anybody. He knows that probably nobody in the future will ever read his diary but he still writes it. Describe the “Two Minutes Hate”.

In which ways do people react to the “Hate” (give an example)? Does Winston appear to react differently to other people (example)?During the Two Minutes Hate, people shout at different enemies of the party. The dark-haired girl sitting behind Winston for example cries out “Swine! Swine! Swine!” and even throws a heavy dictionary, which hits Goldstein’s nose and then bounces off, at the telescreen.Winston during the “Two Minutes Hate” does not hate the enemies of the party, but the party itself, especially Big Brother. As he shouts at the telescreen as everyone else, nobody notices that.

Activity 4Part 1 Chapter II: This chapter introduces Mrs Parsons and her children. What impressions do you get about the way that children are being brought up?Children are constantly influenced by the party, so they won’t develop critical ideas. They blindly believe what they are told and even spy on their parents to help the party. Part 1 Chapter III: What do you think is meant by “doublethink”? What effect do you think that attempting to use doublethink has on people?You “Doublethink” if you have different opinions on one issue.

Often people are not sure which one describes the truth and which one is a lie. Doublethink can have a negative effect on people, because they feel confused and unsure.


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