The is a tube like nervous tissue that

The color of European rabbits varies from ginger, black and light brown. White rabbits are occasionally seen. These rabbits are classified by long ears, fluffy tail and feet as well as their long legs. The average weight of these rabbits are between 1.5 and 2.

5 kg. The length of these animals are typically 37 to 50 cm long. The most breeding that can occur happens within the first half of the year. The lifespan of a domestic rabbits is about nine to ten years old. The organisms are multicellular and contain mitochondria which are bounded inside the cells. Within the cell there is no wall making it ten times larger than other cell types.  Within the animalia kingdom the animals are heterotrophs which means that these animals obtain food and energy from inorganic substance, such as plants.

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Within the cell there is a nucleus, mitochondria however, there isn’t chloroplasts nor cell walls. The animal has a notochord and a dorsal nerve cord. The dorsal nerve cord is a tube like nervous tissue that is above the notochord.

The notochord is a firm tissue in the upper side of the animal. The tail typically extend past the anus. Animals that are classified as Mammalia are hairy animals with glands which are used to produce milk. The body temperature of these animals are maintain at a constant temperature. The brains are typically larger compare to other vertebrates.

The order lagomorpha is composed of rabbits, hares and pikas. These groups of animals have a growing incisors located in the upper jaw. Rabbits have long hind legs that are specialized for hopping. The necks of rabbits are flexible. The leporidae family typically weight 14 oz to 211.

2 oz. The average length of one is 10 to 30 inches long. These family have long legs as well as large hind feets which are beneficial during pray time. European rabbits are species that are founded in Europe. It has been widely distributed into different regions. These rabbits are known for digging complex holes similar to groundhogs, which they spend time in during seasons when they aren’t feeding. European Rabbits are ancestors of all the breeds of domestic rabbits.

These rabbits can be valued as pets as animals used in the medical research. Both are sources of human cryptosporidiosis.  


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