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The Cedarville county jail is an incarceration facility that has recently been built and it is equipped with the modern technology in security.

Although this incarceration facility has an upper hand when it comes to security, it is also faced numerous problems ranging from security within the facility, administration management in terms of finance and issues of drug, alcohol and morale that have engulfed the employees within the Cedarville County jail. As the newly appointed CEO to the Cedarville County jail, my main objective is to make use of the existing security technology to deal with the insecurity issues and transform the administration of the facility by tackling head-on the issues engulfing it.


One of the dominant strength of the Cedarville County jail is its latest and modern technology in security. The latest technology in security, if fully exploited, will play a major role in ensuring that inmates’ presence is limited to within the confines of the facility. The Cedarville County jail facility will also attain another advantage of an experienced administrative team that has previously worked together. The separation of the adult and juvenile offenders is a strength that comes into good use especially while addressing the different issues facing the two sectors of the facility. This is because the issues facing adult offenders’ facility are different from the issues facing the juvenile facility.


One of the major weaknesses that are evident in the Cedarville County jail is the indulgence of its employees in drugs and alcohol. This kind of behavior portrays a negative image of the jail which is meant to be a correctional facility. The poor financial and accounting system of the facility is also a weakness set to affect the operations of the facility. Gender equality within the administrative posts is a weakness that needs to be looked at as women are said to be employed in the lower ranks of administration posts.


The main beneficial opportunity to the Cedarville County jail is the willingness of the county government to assist the facility with funds and additional resources. This is an opportunity if put to good use, will ensure the transformation process of the facility is successful. Working with the strategic management team that I have previously worked with is a golden opportunity and a boost to the efforts of transforming the facility.


The low morale among the facility’s employees is a serious threat that if not properly tackled, it may lead to the failure of the transformational efforts about to be undertaken. In additional to this the lack of technical knowhow among the officers in using safety and restraint technique is a serious threat that is posed to the security of the entire facility. Without proper training of the officers, the transformation efforts of the facility will be null and void.


The Cedarville County jail is a facility that has its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strengthening and emphasizing of these strengths and opportunities and at the same time tackling of the weaknesses and threats will enable the facility and its administration to attain the set objectives. Making good use of the latest technology in the facility’s security system will be a move that exploits the strength of the Cedarville County jail facility while at the same time the existing security menace within the facility will have been tackled.


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