The advancement of the technology in the

The term “globalization” refers to an increasinginteraction of people, state or countries through the growth of theinternational flow of money, ideas and culture.

It is also the primarily aneconomic process of integration that has social and cultural aspects. Thus, modernizationprocess has become the big influence in this concept. The globalization has also the advantages and disadvantagein the progressing in the society. The advancement of the technology in the communication but also in terms ofthe partnership in different association and organization in every country. Eventually,the saddest part of being progressing in the technology it involves the badinfluence in the society. This shows thatit will increase free trade and communication between nations and therespective country. The increased access to the technology, education, media,healthcare, consumer goods and other resources can be also helpful in the society.In context, one that can make it better is actually to reduce the globalpoverty and in equality in the world.

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This concept also affects the different aspects in thesociety in terms of economic, development and social consciousness. It showshow different aspects in the society their services and the connection. One ofthe biggest problems that our country which influence the lives of every individualas well as the students. In the economic globalization is also the increasingeconomic interdependence of national economies across the world through a rapidincrease in cross- border movements of goods, products, services, technologyand capital. Some of the benefits are the progress in the income of the peoplewhere working in the society. The market where people takes place and paycharges in their common goods.

 Still, in our modernsociety students are still rely on the traditional way of learning where theylearned and shared idea. Nowadays, it is still one of the problems that our countrygives a solution. Thus, this must be taken by the higher institution the remedyof the progression in the support for the students.

In terms of the role of the students in the globalization somegovernmental institutions gives an advancement of leanings for youth of ournation. The knowledge and stills that they must be undertaken and be serve for theirinspiration in life. Thus, this should be an example of connection in everyindividuals in the society we are living this will help them to regain theimportance of learning.

 In the educationalglobalization one thing that brings out in the society as well as the studentsis the connectedness of individuals. The good connection with the differentcultures, beliefs, traditions can also be the way of understanding each individual.The postcolonial influences of the education that have taken more to describeand form shape the relationships.In conclusion, this will be the good advantage to be awarethe role of every students in terms of different aspects in the society. Thus,we need also to be capable on the effect of this in our lives.

As a student therole in the society as it grow bigger we should prepare ourselves in thissituation as this country and world progressing.Furthermore, we the students must help out economy as wellas our governmental institution to give our very best in improving our country.This can be helpful for us to be the good as we have the knowledge in skills thatwe are preparing to be in the near future.

An avenue for the goodness in thecountry we are living is the great impact as ourselves.   


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