(The “July 26th movement” gained strength. We have

(The story is in the view of a cuban rebel guerilla fighter) 1956  I am set sail for cuba with 82 other men for revolution.(Minster,ThoughtCo) I want to save my country from tyranny so I made a decision to fight with the rebels.

When the resistance fighters arrive at Cuba in the Highlands, the rebels will regroup. The rebels will fight alongside Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Camilo cienfuegos.The 82 rebel guerilla soldiers arrived in Cuba in the highlands.

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The climate was tropical and warm even in winter. Our men regrouped and Che was the argentinian doctor. In the wooded central highlands, I experienced my first firefight. The Batista soldiers ambushed the rebels.(Minster,ThoughtCo) Loud  gun fire could be heard and I immediately ducked for cover. Bullets hit the dirt and zoomed through the air as the broke the sound barrier. I quickly aimed my M1 garand at the bushes and fired randomly.

I was terrified as I saw my life almost flash in a blink of an eye. Many Rebels screamed “Necesito ayuda!” I witnessed some horrible scenes. After the ambush by the batista soldiers, we had many casualties and many wounded. After the madness, there was only a handful of rebel survivors.Soon the “July 26th movement” gained strength.

We have recruited new civilian guerilla fighters in the highlands and found weapons ammunition. The civilians were trained and schooled because many did not know how to read and to write. However there were new rules.

Rebels are not allowed to steal, hurt or mess with the civilians. If  you did this you suffer consequences that can be as bad as death! The rebels used guerilla tactics such as ambushes, raids, and hit and run tactics.these tactics were used on military targets. Fidel Castro and the others were planning to liberate cities and towns to make Batista soldiers surrender. I fought in many intense gun fights along with my fellow rebels.It’s been almost 2 years and it is late 1958. Castro divides the Rebel forces.

Cienfuegos and Guevara go into the plains with small armies.(Minster,ThoughtCo) In the city of Santa Clara we had to fight a much larger force of police and Batista soldiers. The rebels and I moved into the city when a massive firefight brook out.

Batista soldiers opened fire from  rooftops and from inside buildings. I took cover frantically behind a building as bullets and loud gunshots ran through my ears. It was a horrible bloodshed. There was panic from civilians. I suddenly spotted a tank. I The tank was causing a lot of trouble for the rebels.

The heavily armored vehicle could not be penetrated by our weapons. We loaded a RPG(rocket propelled grenade launcher) I shot the rocket and exploded the tank with a perfect shot. BOOM! This fight lasted several hours. The rebels cleared out the City after hours of bloodshed and fighting for revolution. We defeated the army and they surrendered. The bloodshed of Cubans finally stopped and the city was liberated.Civilians cheered for our victory and liberation of the city.

“Tomorrow we take Havana!” yelled out one of the rebels. “Let the rebellion live!” yelled out a civilian. We marched in the city of Santa Clara in victory.



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