The of beauty in Africa is quite

Thestudy on the influence of DSTV music channels on perception of people on beautyis quiet a broad concept; what or who is considered beautiful varies amongcultures.

What remains consistent is that many notions of beauty are rooted inhegemonically defined expectations (Barke, 2010). Beauty is subject to thehegemonic standards of the ruling class (Saltzberg, 2012). Beauty connotescelebration of worth, value, quality, essence, and desirability. Hence, theconcept of beauty in Africa is quite broad, and varies from one culturalcommunity to another (Vimbai Matiza, 2013). Beauty issues and subjection todominant standards is not the sole domain of Black and White women.

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            The mass media especially the DSTVmusic channels plays a significant role in the promotion and introduction ofnew ideas in beauty (McCabe & Matiza, 2013). It can also be said that theDSTV music channels is the most widespread and influential conveyor ofsocio-cultural values regarding ideal body size and shape, which creates anunderstanding of the ideal man and woman (Butler & Watt, 2010). DSTV musicchannels appears to be the main factor impacting on a woman’s body concern, andalso as a source and most powerful influence on body image perception.Newspaper, magazines, television and internet have been demonstrated to play astrong role in creating a current perception of the ideal man and woman. DSTVmusic channels portrays images that promise social acceptance for men andwomen, therefore these body types become desirable, especially by women.             Today’s advertisers generallyemphasize the importance of physical attraction, which often puts pressure onmen and women to focus on their appearance. Theses advertisements often mayhave significant effects on men and women, women particularly, who may havefear of being unattractive or old (McCabe et al, 2013).

Constant exposure mayinfluence audience to be self-conscious about their bodies and to be obsessedover physical appearances as a measure of their worth (Pareles, 2012). Bodyimage in men shows that boys as young as 8 years old show concern over beingthe right shapes and many adults men’s self esteem is related to how good theyfeel about their body shape. Women are thought from an early age to be bodyconscious, they are under constant pressure to be a role model to theirchildren, and to stay skinny and attractive.


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