The Constitution. The issue is more relevant

The second amendment of the United States Constitution says, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. This amendment was added to our Bill of Rights in 1791, and the meaning of this has been debated ever since. Most of the time today, we understand this amendment as our right to carry and bear arms as an individual, but some individuals disagree with this right that is mandated in our Constitution. The issue is more relevant right now more than ever, with the mass shootings been happening lately. Being an American, who is given this right during this time, I believe we need to understand the history of this amendment, the arguments for gun control, the arguments against gun control, gun control from a Christian point of view, and my view on the topic.Our Constitution has stirred up many debates and controversies over the years, but one of the biggest debates in brings up, is the arguments Gun Control and our Second Amendment Rights.

Our Bill of Rights in the Constitution outlines our freedoms as citizens of America. Our Second Amendment talks about the right to bear arms for self defense and the defense of our country.  During the process of ratifying the Constitution, there was a concern about a strong federal government taking over the individual rights, as the British did to their citizens. The first ten amendments of the Constitution, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights, were placed into the Constitution to protect our rights as individuals. The Bill of Rights and our Constitution were put into place to specifically say which powers the government had and which powers the government were not allowed to infringe. Gun Control is the act of regulating the act of selling, owning, and using guns. According to ProCon, “the United States has an average of 88.

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8 guns per 100 people, or about 270,000,000 guns”. American gun laws have been around almost as long, if not longer than our Constitution. The biggest argument for gun control is that the more gun control laws that we have, the less gun violence there would be. Firearms are in the top fifteen causes of death in America, placing higher than liver disease, hypertension, and Parkinson’s disease.

People feel like the less guns that are in circulation and owned, the less amount of gun violence there will be. Most people aren’t against sport rifles, used for hunting, they are against assault rifles, like the A-R 15. It is a military grade weapon. They are a type of semi-automatic weapon, meaning that they are able to be fired repeatedly through an automatic reloading process but requiring you to pull the trigger for each shot. Basically, it shoots as fast and as many times as you pull the trigger. These firearms were designed for military use, being able to kill more people at a quicker rate.

Because of this ability, it is the weapon of choice for many mass shooters and terrorists. Most supporters of gun control, are only looking at the negative side of these weapons, when they fall into civilian hands. With stricter gun control laws, it would be much more difficult to purchase a gun, reducing the amount of guns in circulation. But one should consider that the same weapon that they are bashing, is the same type of weapon being used overseas by our military. This military protects the very freedom which allows people to debate issues regarding guns and assault weapons.Those against gun control, are more of the working class, blue-collar type people. They are the ones who hunt on the weekends and shoot skeet for fun. The argument they make, is that in comparison, the gun violence doesn’t outweigh the good of guns.

Most guns in America are used for sport purposes, not lethal weapons. The use of guns helps control population of animals and keep overpopulation rates down. Overpopulation of species is harmful to the environment, and can lead to the harming of people. When overpopulation of certain species happen, organizations like the DNR, Department of Natural Resources, open up more hunting opportunities in order to decrease the population of that species. The National Rifle Association, also known as the NRA, is an organization against gun control. They believe that putting restrictions on our ‘right to bear arms’, is hurting citizens who follow the law, while making no change to criminal handgun use.

By making it difficult for guns to be bought and registered by the average American citizen, it creates a safety threat to families. Guns are used often for safety and self defense, so taking away that right, can become very harmful. More people could become harmed if the right to own guns as an individual was taken away. Applying stricter gun control laws, isn’t going to stop criminals from using them or finding another way to terrorize. If guns were taken away, or made harder to purchase and register, it would be more harmful than beneficial.

The average citizen could no longer defend himself from a distance. Without a firearm for defense, hand to gun combat is a guaranteed death, but with a firearm, even if it is a weaker weapon, they still stand a chance. Majority of the time, when a person is using a firearm for defense, the sight of the firearm is enough, they don’t even have to pull the trigger. The idea of a gun is threatening enough in most cases. Gun control creates the intention that it is going to reduce all gun violence, but if you think about it, it isn’t the guns doing the damage. As a Christian, I feel like the fall of humanity plays a huge role in this debate over gun control.

When humans fell, sin entered the world, causing it to be broken and corrupt. This introduced the idea of murder, the killing of another man. This fall also brought depravity to humans, bringing in the idea of murdering another man. The very first murder was Cain killing Abel, which happened very soon after the fall of humanity into sin. I feel, looking at this debate over gun control, depravity in our world is inevitable. People are still broken, and will continue to bring harm to one another.

Guns are just the tool they choose to do the damage with. In this case, I feel like our worldview does not make a difference for me in the way that view gun control. Personally, the topic of gun control can make me very upset, also the reason why this ‘two’ page paper is a whole lot longer than two pages. I am very pro-gun, meaning I am against gun control. I agree with the measures that have been taken recently to help control who owns guns. I agree with the background checks that have to be done in order to purchase a gun. I think that it is a good safety measure to keep the country safer and to put guns in proper hands.

My political views also have an impact on how I see guns and gun control. I have grown up in the town of Moline, a small farming town, with a school in a cornfield, two churches, a post office, barbershop, and a co-op. Because of this, I also have grown up with a strong conservative political view. I want to be able to take matters into my own hands, and fight for my own political and individual rights as an American. The government should have limited power over my individual rights, the government should be there to grant me the freedom to pursue my dreams and goals. I love my gun, and quite honestly, last October, I was quite worried that the chances of me being able to purchase or own another gun where going to be very slim. Our democratic candidate for president wanted to crack down on gun control. She wanted to ban certain types of guns, and there was a potential that she was going to take away lots of the freedoms granted in our second amendment.

I understand the objections that people have against guns, but being a gun owner, and living in a community where guns are very present, I don’t have any issues with guns. Coming from a small farming, blue collar community, where hunting, skeet, and trap shooting are huge. Guns are very common and aren’t used to harm others, they are used for sport and game purposes. Being pro gun, I also have a huge respect for guns in the service. Whether it be Police or Military, those people are the ones fighting for me to be able to own guns. I own a gun, my dad owns guns, my brother owns guns, my uncle owns guns, and the list continues.

Guns to us are another part of the American Dream, having the freedom to own and exercise the right to bear arms.   Like I said earlier, it isn’t the guns that are killing people, people are. If you set a gun on a table, loaded with the safety off, and left it there, no one would die. No one would die until a person picked up the gun and pulled the trigger. It isn’t the guns that are killing people, it is the people who shouldn’t own guns but find a way to own them. The people who don’t follow the laws set and mandated are the ones who cause and create the issues. So, if drunk driving is illegal, are you going to ban cars? No one would die anymore from drunk driving accidents, but it doesn’t make sense. Cars are so efficient for transportation, and the small amount of bad they bring compared to the good they bring, makes it seem crazy.

Maybe banning guns would remove gun violence, but then something else would show up that creates enough violence to want to ban it. People are killing people, guns aren’t killing. It might be the tool they choose to execute it with, but they could kill someone with a knife just the same.


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