The picture of the foundation for that and

The book of Luke lays down the foundation for the understanding of how Jesus is at the center of God’s plan.

This plan includes both Jew and Gentiles by the intention of God so that Jesus is lord of all and the gospel can go to all. In showing how jesus taught this he called people out into the kingdom of god and brought them into discipleship this is what the gospels is about and for. This sets up the ideatheat we see in acts that gentiles are included in this movement without having to become jews first and in that move we see the emergence of the church as the jewish community pushes back particularly on the inclusion of gentiles into the message and concern of the people between the two volumes you’ve got this emphasis on reconciliation that comes through salvation that is being highlighted and luke is laying the salvation part of that picture of the foundation for that and understanding that by the way he presents who jesus is in the gospels. In Luke’s writing he tells us that he’s writing to reassure theophilus, theophilus is a gentile believer, but is questioning whether he has made the right choice in believing in god. Theophilus embrace of christianity is part of god’s plan because the church by the time we get to acts it’s getting a lot of resistance from the original jewish recipients. Judging the church and question is their theology flawed because the ways including gentiles is illegitimate and raising these questions for himself.

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Luke wrote to calm those concerns and basically says that this is in god’s program and plan all along.


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