The in the beginning the author shows us

The Book is a utopian and dystopian genre and entails a future of where people are factorymanufactured. The babies are forced to dislike things, dependant on the class there arechosen to form a part of.The book is basically divided into three parts where in the beginning the author shows us theutopian part of the story where the society is forced to give up sadness and free will to be”happy”.

It carries on with the fact some of the main characters stray from the norm bybeing different from society. Every time someone feels sad or human they take a drug calledsoma to numb feelings.The book includes reservations that are places where the new society can view the “savage”nature of what the world used to be like before the new manufactured babies. This is wherewe meet two woman that went back to London where the director of the new world who isvery against being call dad of having a wife, his daughter calls out to him and he thenresigned because of the shame from everyone laughing at him. The Savage, John becomessort of a admired story, because of his “colourful” background. In the end John commitsuicide, because he cannot handle the way things have gotten.

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