The rulers and formation of future rulers.

The book is a leading to way how to rule and the main goal of the book is to tell about the Lorenzo de’ Medici, the king of Florence. The opening chapters tells the book’s motive. In chapter first we have all the different types of principalities and princes which is done to shape the book. Chapter three describes the ways to maintain the complex society and how to handle newly seized rule from another and he does not know about the people he rules. This chapter also have the anxieties like power politics, warcraft and goodwill in a compressed form.

As the book moves further he explains the way to get the power, win new states, deal with internal problems, make allies and keep a strong military. But, on other hand it tells the greed to get power and acquire something with power and against rules. It further tells the qualities of prince and transformation of evil government and to maintain a rule you need to have a goodwill so you can get support of the people which is the biggest liability.

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The final chapter explains the destruction of Italian rulers and formation of future rulers. Machiavelli has a strong belief that only Lorenzo de Medici the ruler of Florence can re-establish the honor and pride of Italy.


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