The and aspirations. One of them being

The big question that everyone seems to be asking themselves is what my life will be like in 20 years? Firstly, in 20 years I will be 34 years old. By then I hope to have a very good education from a business university in the UK, since that’s where I’ve always wanted to study. I also hope to be running a successful business, not sure what business yet but hopefully something exciting which includes travelling around the world. Besides the good profession, I would like my own fairy tale ending which will hopefully include a great husband, two kids (hopefully a boy and a girl), a dog and my dream home. Furthermore, I would like to accomplish my goals and aspirations. One of them being to create a non-profit organisation for the less fortunate so that I’ll be able to give back to the world and to make a difference. My friends and family will also be a huge part of my life because they are very important to me and I would think that without their support I wouldn’t be able to handle life. Out of all the things that can possibly happen in the span of 20 years the most important thing for myself is to be happy and satisfied with my life.


I'm Mary!

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