“The activities of the mind. – Sigmund

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. – Sigmund Freud. Dreams are thoughts, feelings and images that occur in a person’s mind during sleep. The ideas and importance of dreams are not fully understood, but they have been a subject of scientific theories. In ancient times dreams were considered prophetic powers. Today, dreams remain one of the most complicated mysteries of psychology. The classification has been done, but no one can say for sure the purpose of dreams, or what they mean. Why do we dream? Are dreams relevant to our lives? Today, I will discuss how dreams happen, myths and theories about dreams and the different types of dreams with their meanings.Every night, everyone experiences sleep. Sleep is classified as a recurrent state of mind without any awareness of the outside world or physical activity. We dream every night, no matter whether or not we remember it. Experts say that every night everyone dreams four to six times. But, many people do not know how dreams work. Dreams are made from electrical brain impulses sent between neurons that allows messages to be transmitted into the brain. The entire brain is active during the dream and the most expressive dreams occur during REM sleep. The cortex is responsible for dream ideas such as experiences or our fears. The
frontal parts of the brain are the least active during sleep, which
explains why we can accept the crazy events that occur in our dreams. Scientists are able to analyze the different stages of sleep, but no one has ever been able to record dreams.Today, dreams are a big part of psychoanalysis. In the 1800s Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung created modern dream theories that are accepted today in recent studies. Freud studied dreams and connected them to aspects of the human personality. He believes that every action that occurs in life is related to your subconscious. It characterizes the three-part spirit, the “Id” the “Ego” and the “Superego.” “


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