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The Modern and Civil Rights movement happened during the 1960’s-1970’s. The Modern Civil Rights movement was always mistaken as a movement that focused on those rights of African Americans when in actuality the Modern Civil Rights movement was based on all races coming together and uniting to fight for the same goal, being to have equal rights.

Some goals go more in depth but over all the Modern Civil Rights movements consisted of radicalized groups, gendered groups, objectives, strategies, and temporal accounts. In my short essay I will be distinguishing both gender and racilaized groups, and in addition to that I will be describing the political, social, and economic strategies used through out. The two racial groups I will be focusing on is The Chicanos movement and the Indian Movement, also I will be focusing on feminist for the gender group. The Chicano movement was, “A set of social movements that emerged in the late 1960s to protest concerns of cultural disintegration, lack of economic and social mobility, rampant discrimination, racial violence, and inadequate educational institutions.”. This movement struck both socially and politically. The movement was social because thousands of students were participating in walk outs, walk outs being where the student boy costs the school because of the discrimination that the Chicanos had faced for years.

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The discrimination came from the teacher who did not understand Spanish nor did they have a respect for the culture and language of the Chicanos. The walk outs became such a social topic that eventually it caught the attention of the school and more hispanic faculty and staff were hired. Eventually the superintendent of the school was also hispanic.

Chicanos got a better sense of motivation from having teachers and people such as Sal Castro there to help and that didn’t discriminate towards them just because there are stereotypes to their race. From this, many chicano students got to graduate and go to college for the education their parents wanted them to get. The Chicano movement became a political controversy because many chicanos were sent to fight in the Vietnam war. Do you think many of them were ready to go to war under such short notice? Of course not, and because of that many of them didn’t make it back home. Protest for the Vietnam war were held to bring back home the chicanos that the community felt were being killed with no justice.”The great social justice changes in our country have happened when people came together, organized, and took direct action.

It is this right that sustains and nurtures our democracy today.” I placed this quote here because it is a reminder that Chicanos had to work together to fight for what they have now. Chicanos fought for rights along side African Americans and other minorities, they were bringing each other up instead of tearing each other down.

The Indian movement started over the occupation of Alcatraz by the American Indians. The Indians were being kicked out of land that has been sacred to their culture and their families and was ultimately their home was being taken by the government. Clyde Warrior was an advocate of public action and protest.

Warrior along with other American Indians lead public protest in Washington, a major moment in american movement. Many tribes that thought that this was unfair and were tired of being treated this was came together in a group called The American Indian movement. “We are not free. We do not make choices. Our choices are made for us; we are the poor. For those of us who live on reservations these choices and decisions are made by federal administration, bureaucrats, and their “yes men,” euphemistically called tribal governments.

” -Testimony before the President’s National Advisory Commission on Rural Poverty 1967. I chose this quote because this is from the perspective of an American Indian that politically he has no rights over a place that has been home forever. The American Indians did not give up with out a fight. In the Seconded wounded knee: The American Indian movement took over the reservation, they tried to negotiate with gun and fire, and there was some death. There AIM, were being taken seriously because they were fed up, wouldn’t you be? If you had tried everything and that still wasn’t good enough to convince someone that you and your family should be able to keep you home, do you think you’d react the same?Feminism is . During the 1970’s we see a lot of feminism because many women are fed up or angry that they feel like they have been robbed the right to succeed to their full potential because of suburbanization. Suburbanization was very enforcing the importance of family, marriage. In depth to that, Suburbanization specifies the role of the women which is being a mother and a housewife.

The role of the women is usually always described as making dinner and being home all day maintaining the house, when i reality many women hated that this was supposed to be considered an “enforcement of some type. Feminism has become very political because it has turned into this controversy of many rights women can actually have, even though we are just as qualifying as men. If not more. “The feminine mystique has succeeded in burying millions of american women alive.”-Betty Friedan.

I chose this quote because this is something that most women have become a victim of. Why should we have our live chosen out for us already without our input? Why can’t we have jobs that men have? Women are not physically impaired people, I believe we have just as much as a right to equal labor and choices as the next person. in the 1970’s there was a propose to change the constitution that “equality under the law” could not be denied based on what sex you were. The National Organization of Women helped propose this change.

Because of that there was more economic opportunity around the States. Many non feminism were worried about this right because they feared that now some would be eligible to be drafted into war, abortions would be on demand, there would be unisex bathrooms, and many homosexual changes in the transformations of gender roles in the United States. In conclusion, the Modern Civil Rights movement was lead by many leaders from Cesar Chavez who represented the Chicanos to Dr. Martin Luther Kind Jr., Phillip Vera Cruz, Harvey Milk, and Larry Itliam.

All these leaders played an important role in shaping our social, political, and economical rights in history. Do you think that their roles played a difference now that we look back at this? I believe so, I think that if there was no leader ship than many wouldn’t have the courage to fight and believe in what is rightfully theirs. It may be easier to be a by stander, sure, but it takes a lot of courage to lead a movement into a direction that doesn’t just benefit one race or one gender, but everyone surrounding them.


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