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The third and last ethicalproblem concerns health and safety. According to the Independent, the companyhas recently been accused of restricting the amount of fuel in the tank thatwould be used as a result of any delays. The article relates also one incidentthat recently happened when a Ryanair flight had to make a pit stopto fill the tank as it was lacking fuel to reach the destination.

Finally, concerning health facilities inside theplane, Ryanair decided to add six more seats from removing two bathrooms,leaving a whole plane with only one bathroom. This is not ethically correct toleave 150+ people with only one bathroom on a place for 1-3 hours. This allowedthem to restrict the prices by approximately 3$ by ticket without having to sacrificeprofit but it may not be necessary due to all the bad publicity it caused. for150+ people. Finally, Michael O’Learyrecently came up with a new money-saving idea which consist of removing the « unnecessary » co-pilot orreplacing him by a flight attendant who could do the job if needed. Improvements Recently, Ryanair appeared in the bottom 5 in a « best low-cost airlines company » ranking based on customer satisfaction. The top1 was Airasia, which won this award 9 times in a row.I have to recognize that there are many things toadjust to make Ryanair ethically better.

My suggestions will try to combine themaximisation of profit with an ethical behaviour.  The first thing the company must do, if it wantsto keep its growth in the future, would be to regain customers trust, which arethe reason why they’re getting so muchprofit. Losing trust means losing prospective/returning customers, which is nota good idea if the company wants to keep its pace for a longer term. Theexample of the budget airline Airasia which won 9 times in a row the award ofthe « best low-cost airline company », based on customer satisfaction shows it well:staying reasonable with the number of extra charges and respecting itscustomers makes the passengers want to fly again with Airasia.

Therefore, raisingthe airfare price and removing absurd fees as being overweight or to access tothe toilets would already be a nice step forward, acting ethically better withoutlosing profit. Another manner to get on better terms with the passengers wouldbe to treat customers more humanely. First, removing two toilets could make theairfare prices 3$ lower but it’s not worth allthe bad publicity it caused. Also, Ryanair chief executive, Michael O’Leary should stop being virulent in public anddisrespecting customers, leaving a bad image of the company to customers.


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