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Theinitial stage of the CPD procedure demand the staff to carry out aself-directed assessment of their knowledge, skills, performance and personalabilities in the context of their professional role and acquainted with currentand future action. This review can be carried out in conference with amanager/s, supervisor or colleagues. Furthermore, there are several documentsthat a staff could consult to facilitate them when carrying out their review.They include: job description; competency frameworks; performance managementassessment documents; personal development plans; service strategies; businessplans; departmental proposals and reviews; strategic programs; health servicestrategy and planning documents; service evaluation or inspection reports;relevant national strategies and research findings. The result of the review isthe recognition, by the staff, of their personal and professional learningneeds and the identification of learning effects (what do I want to know or beable to do when I have completed the learning activity) for each learning need.Staffs can prioritise their learning requirements so that some can beundertaken within the current CPD cycle and others may be put on a longertimescale.

The needs, requirements, outcomes and prioritisation will berecorded as part of the Personal Learning Plan. The starting stage will requirethe individual to analyse his/her past, present and to identify what skillsrequired in the near future keeping with the client’s requirements, itsimportant identifying what learnings they want or need to overcome thechallenges. This CPD framework will make all staff to regularly apply attentionto important areas of development and also to take required action to makeimprovement in areas where needed, also this framework will keep some sort ofcompetition as well among each individual across EL. This framework allows eachindividual to put themselves in charge of their own career development andtrainings whilst also ensuring EL have a continuous development program andcompetent trainers to deliver the business needs. The planning stage requires the staffto recognize learning activities that will address the learning needs andlearning results identified at Stage 1 – Review. The planning strategies can becarried out on one’s own or in collaboration with an employer, manager,supervisor or colleagues and should result in the development of a PersonalLearning Plan.

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The personal learning strategies template involve the followingheadings: learning need; learning outcome; priority; appropriate learningactivity and timeframe for activityThis is the period where theindividual staff demonstrates on their learning – What have I learned? Did thelearning activity cope up the need it was made to? What are the pros forservice users following this CPD activity? How my practice has changed becauseof the learning preceding? Has this activity feature any region for furtherimprovement? These are some of the questions the staff should ask themselvesafter each CPD activity. Reflecting on CPD activities is designed to increasethe learning knowledge from the activity or experience. The questions aredesigned to motivate the staff to recognize strengths and weaknesses and toidentify further learning requirements. Reflective practice should have theadvantages of encouraging self-motivation and self-directed learning and shouldlead to improvements in the delivery of practice to service users. One wouldexpect that most learning activities will have had a positive result for theusers. Even though, if a learning activity has not impacted positively orachieved the desired outcome this reflection is also valid.

In this case the staffmight consider how the need could be addressed in a future learning activity.


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