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TheFederal Republic of Germany, also known as Germany situated in Central-WesternEurope and has been a member of the United Nations (UN) since 1990.

The countryis a puissant member of the United Nations due to its global appearance andstrongly flourishing economy, and is a member of the G4, G8 and G20 groupsalong with being a leading member of the European Union (EU). The nation isone of the world’s largest donors of international development aid, with awell-developed institutional structure and also the second most popularimmigration destination in the world after United States of America. Germany hasseveral development agencies working in Africa and the Middle East. Thedevelopment policy of the Germany is an independent area of German foreignpolicy and is formulated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation andDevelopment (BMZ) and carried out by the carrying organizations. The Germangovernment considers the development policy as a joint concern of theinternational community.Refugeechildren face far greater dangers to their safety and well-being than theaverage child of the earth. Helping refugee children to meet their basic needsoften means providing support to their families and communities.

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Since thecreation of The European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO), the Commissionhas channeled around € 14 billion from the EU budget to victims of conflict anddisasters in over 140 countries around the globe. UNICEF works in collaborationwith local and international partners, including governments, UN agencies, andcivil society. By UNICEF, the results achieved in 2017, 2.5 Million childrenfor severe acute malnutrition, whereas 13.6 Million children vaccinated againstmeasles.

Moreover, 2.8 Million children have been accessed psychologicalsupport by UNICEF. Emergency immunization is one of UNICEF’s priorityinterventions, along with vitamin A supplementation and therapeutic feedingcentres. UNICEF is also working to ensure safe supplies of drinking water, andto improve sanitary conditions for communities and the displaced.  The government of Germany has always attemptsto develop a coherent policy on humanitarian aid, and officials and the generalpublic have generally had little interest in the subject. Between 2016 and2019, German development aid is hoped to raise by more than $8.

9billion than initially planned, including refugee costs. At the WorldHumanitarian Summit took place at May 23-24 2016 in Istanbul, German ChancellorAngela Merkel said, “We must speak about a humanitarian catastrophe, whendiscussing Syria. We have to ensure that aid arrives on time and isdelivered to the right place. But we shouldn’t plan for individualcatastrophes, we need a global system of humanitarian assistance”. “Toomany promises are made and then the money does not come for the projects –that must end,” said Merkel, adding that the world currently had nohumanitarian system that was “compatible with the future”. TheCommissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid is now helping toform human rights policy in Germany’s external relations.

Under the Germanlegal system, anyone who believes their rights have been violated is inprinciple entitled and obliged to take their case to court, as guaranteed byArticle 19(4) of the Basic Law. Incollaboration with the UN, the International Red Cross and Red CrescentMovement as well as non-governmental organizations, Germany has been makingrelief efforts for humanitarian aid and medical supplies in refugee camps, foodaid and basic health care as well as winter assistance. To help and supportrefugees and war affected people and for ensuring humanitarian aid, the nation urgesto have some probable and influential solutions and for this Germany requests,


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