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The authors of the case claiming the bad side: recognizing
both the good and the bad sides of a leader are trying to convey that:

In this case the author is trying to depict
the scenario of leadership by showing the bad side of human characteristics as
a leader

The author is also trying to explain the main
reasons about how the use of powers, being authoritative and being an
influencer can easily harm the followers around them

It also tells about how a leader is not just responsible
for the carelessness about the duties he is responsible for.

It recommends that how this case can be
utilized to end up plainly an affecting pioneer not by simply overlooking awful
initiative, but instead assaulting it as an ailment which can be lethal and
once in a while destructive.

It likewise discloses that how to amplify
great authority and limit awful ones.

It likewise passes on that the Bad pioneers
regularly fulfil our most essential human needs like wellbeing, effortlessness,
and assurance. It might just be to their greatest advantage to take the path of
least resistance.

The principle explanations behind being a
terrible pioneer can be the need for influence, impact, forcefulness, voracity
for more cash and achievement and so on and an awful supporter can be since
Followers are similarly to be reprimanded for the development of Bad Leaders.

premise of their contentions is for the most part a direct result of driving
gravely which can be isolated into two noteworthy reasons i.e. inadequate
administration and untrustworthy initiative:

Incompetent-This implies the pioneer and at
any rate some of his devotees do not have the        aptitude and will to maintain viable
activity and absence of positive change.

Rigid-The pioneer might be firm and steadfast
to various circumstances. They might be capable, yet are unwilling to adjust to
new thoughts, new data or evolving times.

Corrupt-The pioneer lies, tricks, or takes. To
a degree that surpasses the standard, he puts self-enthusiasm in front of
general society intrigue

Evil-The pioneer confers barbarities. They
utilize torment as an instrument of energy. The mischief can be physical,
mental or both.

Bad Leadership brings about expenses at the
level of the person as well as at the level of the gathering. The harms are
both here and now and long haul and are high.

2. What
are the similarities and differences between good and bad leadership. Take an
example (from India) of a good and a bad leader to explain your answer?

similarities and differences between a good and a bad leader are as follows:

One of the similitude between a decent and an
awful leader is they both will tell the devotees that ‘what’ they need to do
however the distinction comes when a decent pioneer gives the explanation for
it that why they have to do this and how they will do it they generally share
the “why” behind the “what” yet terrible pioneers won’t.

Good and awful leader will assume up the
liability is front of their bosses however while tending to the devotees or the
group awful pioneers talk as far as “You” for the oversight that is
made. In case if something terrible happens, it’s forever your blame, not
theirs. “You ought to have seen this coming and anticipated it.” Good
pioneers say “I ought to have seen this coming and helped you with it, I’m
sad.” Good pioneers will talk as far as “You” when things go

Good and awful pioneers will give you the
arrangements about the issues yet terrible pioneers will simply give the
arrangements demonstrating their prevalence over the supporters while the great
pioneers will think more about your learning and advancement and they make
inquiries that assistance you make sense of the answers for issues.

Good and terrible pioneers have the likeness
of having a mission however a decent pioneer will dependably have a dream to
achieve that mission while an awful pioneer will just have a mission which he
needs to achieve without contemplating the future and without pondering the
general population.

Example of
a good leader and bad leader from India:

Leader: One great case of good initiative can be Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose,
he was an opportunity warrior of India. He was the originator of the Indian
National Army. Amid pre-freedom period Netaji had gone to London to examine the
fate of India, with the individuals from the Labor party. He generally drove from
the front and dependably considered the general population first before
contemplating himself.

Leader: One great case of awful authority from Indian legislative issues can be
Lalu Prasad Yadav, Lalu’s fixation for power and spotlight is known to all. He
additionally has a tremendous enjoying for ‘feed’, to such an extent that he is
the gathered brains of the 9.5 billion rupees worth grub trick that hit Bihar
under his administration. Lalu has done all that and substantially more to
reign alone in governmental issues.

3. How do we need to understand leadership?
Why is this understanding required?

is the achievement of an objective through the course of human partners. The
man who effectively accumulates his human partners to accomplish specific
closures is a pioneer. An incredible pioneer is one who can do as such for a
long time, and a seemingly endless amount of time, in a wide assortment of

He may not
have or show control; drive or the danger of mischief may never go into his
dealings. He may not be prominent; his devotees may never do what he wishes out
of affection or esteem for him. He may not ever be a brilliant individual; he
may never utilize critical gadgets to perform the motivations behind his gathering
or to concentrate consideration on his authority.

His one of
a kind accomplishment is a human and social one which comes from his
comprehension of his kindred labourers and the relationship of their individual
objectives to the gathering objective that he should complete.

It isn’t
difficult to state in a couple of words what fruitful pioneer’s do that makes
them viable. In any case, it is substantially harder to coax out the parts that
decide their prosperity. The typical technique is to give satisfactory
acknowledgment of every specialist’s capacity with the goal that he can predict
the fulfilment of some real intrigue or intention of his in the completing of
the gathering undertaking. Rough types of administration depend entirely on
single wellsprings of fulfillment, for example, money related prizes or the
easing of fears about different sorts of uncertainty. The errand is clung to on
the grounds that following requests will prompt a compensation check, and
deviation will prompt joblessness.

At the
point when the pioneer succeeds, it will be on account of he has learned two
essential lessons: Men are mind boggling, and men are unique. People react not
exclusively to the conventional carrot and stick utilized by the driver of a
jackass yet additionally to desire, patriotism, love of the great and the delightful,
fatigue, self-question, and numerous more measurements and examples of thought
and feeling that make them men. Be that as it may, the quality and significance
of these interests are not the same for each labourer, nor is how much they can
be fulfilled in his activity.

the deliberate plan of capacities and the exact impression of a pioneer’s part
in that course of action should dependably go before the advancement of his
capacities to the most extreme. A pioneer’s activity is to give that acknowledgment
of parts and capacities inside the gathering that will allow every part to
fulfil and satisfy some real intention or intrigue.


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