The most significant turning point in Kenilworth


most significant turning point in Kenilworth Castle was when John Of Gaunt took
over in the 14th century. He provided a diversity of changes to
Kenilworth castle such as: The great hall, the widest roofed space in England
after Westminster Hall, reception rooms and much more. He basically diversified
the castle from a base for soldiers to a mansion for himself. This changed the site
locally by improving the status of the area as there was a royal apartment (
built by John Of Gaunt.) Due to Chronological understanding, the way to show
off during the 14th century was to show off how much money and power
you had John of Gaunt certainly did this!

                  The new buildings that John Of
Gaunt built were built to the best standard with amazing views! This significantly
changed the importance of the site as it made it have a much higher status due
to it being a lot more powerful and richer especially as it went from being a
castle which based army soldier to a deluxe mansion for John Of Gaunt.


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