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The very firstthing which strike in over mind is the what exactly solar many sources,solar energy is take from the sun. This energy can be used in many various formationssuch as it can be used direct to heat and light the homes. It can betransformed into electricity by using solar equipment like solar panels. Solar poweris tremendous source tremendous source of energy because it is renewable. it isefficient and it does not pollute the environment.

These days’ people are spendingin solar energy more to preserve the costs and to get free energy and expensivepower lines. There are many other varieties available in today’s currentgeneration which includes hydropower, wind and solar energy but out of thosethree, solar power energy is reflected to be fastest growing technology as paralleledto others.  The solar energy creation and installation methods are costly toinstall and maintain. Solar panels are costly, but even though connecting of solar panels are costly. it still has theadvantage of renewability. Energy efficiency and renewableenergy that is in every 24 hours enough sunlight touches the earth to providethe energy for the entire planet for 24 years. The government also provideplatform where people get the product easily.

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The other energy also produceslike solar thermal power, solar heating andmany other.The very important point about solar energy is it is a recyclable. Itdoes not pollute the air by creating toxic gases like nitrogen oxide, Sulphuroxide or carbon dioxide so the possibility ofharming the environment is reduced and also the best important thing is thatit doesn’t requirement any fuel to produce electricity. Moreover,the most interesting things about solar energy is that it also helps in reducingbills by installingsolar panels in particular house.

At the same time the cost ofinstalling a solar panel can also be higher at first time but it is easy toinstall without any wires or power sources.  Thisis pollution free energy so it can be reduced dependence on coal and oil togenerate power. Solar energy is considered to be great for village or remoteareas which have no access to any type of sources of electricity or facility ofcables or power.

It is difficult but it is one-time investment because solarcells are long lasting it make no noise and there are no moving parts and alsorequire very little cleaning, so the top example of solar energy are bellow.  Solar cell: it is used to generate the powerin many things we use in daily life like watch, calculators, solar cocker andso on. They are the renewable sources of energy due to their ecofriendly natureand they are also long life as well and not need maintenance.

 Solartechnology: In the electronic gadgets which can capable the solar charging isconsider to be a most common example. the solar power charger is able to chargeany type of electric gadgets like mobile, watch, calculator etc. The applesmart watch is the successful example of solar technology because apple smartwatch doesn’t require any charger for charging the battery. Solarwater heater: Most of people in some country are already except this kind offacility because it is one-time investment and it very efficient it capturesthe son energy and covert in to the heat energy.

It is also known as thermaltransfer. nowadays people install this thing because it is very convenient and usefulin day to day life. Solarenergy can be helpful to grooving energy related issue over the world, by thesolar cell Light energy from the sun can be changed directly to electric energycompare to 7th century magnifying glass and 3rd century lighttorches so the very first thing is about it is renewable resource of energy andwe get it is free without   spending too much money. the main point is howto capture the energy which radiates from the Sun the answer is very simple itcan be utilize by installing solar panels.

By doing this it will reduce our dependenceof other county for supply of other sources of energy like fuels and coals. Wehave to develop the naturel energy resources like solar energy and some otherand start the new system of getting free energy without any type of pollutionmeans “green ecosystem” because it does not cause any type of pollution and harmfulfor environment. Though solar energy is considered to be non-polluting ascompared to other sources of energy because the two thing about solar energy isinstalling solar panels and transportation have been associated with theemission of greenhouse gases moreover there are some harmful materials andtoxic produce during the manufacturing the solar cells and their equipment so harmprocess harms the or impact the environment.

  Inconclusion, the fact is solar energy is also free energy by sun but it damagesthe environment when the solar panels and other system’s parts are being manufactured,it reflects that it pollutes more far then other alternative sources of energydamage the support this statement there are three main thingswhich should be kept in mind first is it is very used full for village orremote areas where there are no facilities of any kind power cable or otherelectricity sources. Second one is it reduce the use of coal and other furlslike petrol and diesel so it reduces the usage and it also reduce the pollutionby the fuels. The last one is it does not pollute the air by creating toxicgases like nitrogen oxide, sculpture oxide or carbon dioxide so the risk ofdamage the environment is reduce by doing this kind of things. The most usefuland not in the over mind is the solar energy is work without any kind of fuelsor coal that’s why it does not cause any type of pollution and also notrequired any type of radioactive waste or any type of other toxic so there isno issue regarding to toxic. People don’t know about solar energy so governmentshould provide the education and create the platform for people get theinformation about their need and also provide the some benefits and some attractiveoffers on using the renewable resources or ecofriendly resources .so the thingis people need more awareness about the free resources and about new technologybecause people don’t know what are they doing but it is harmful for our futuregeneration because in future there less resources available if we don’t understandthe value of that resources and there limited usage.

So we have to think aboutour future generation.                  


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