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The five stocks that I picked wasThe Chessecake Factory (cake) and I bought 10 shares, the second company I bought was Jonhson & Johnson (JNJ),the third was Nike(nke), fourth company was Starbucks (subux), the last company is Kroger(kr). I chose The Cheesecake Factory because it’s a very popular place here intexas and it’s the holidays and people may have their families coming and theChessecake factory is a good place to take your family.

During the time I ownedthis company I noticed that on most days they were constantly going up,andmaking money. And didn’t lose very much money at all.Another company I picked was Nikebecause it is another popular place, and christmas is coming up and blackfriday just passed, so during this time they would get a lot of business and alot of money. During the time I owned this company, I did not lose any money.

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And the only thing that I would change is to buy more stocks with this company.Starbucks is another great businessthat I used,because they are always getting a lot of business, and has made newflavors which brings in more people to try new things. I really didn’t losemuch money with this company either. And just like the last company I wouldjust buy more stocks with this company, but other than that I would not changeanything . The fourth company I bought wasKroger, which on some days I lost a little bit of money with this company.

Sonext time I would watch this company closely and maybe sell this stock if Ilose too much money. My last company that I lost the mostmoney with was Johnson & Johnson. I bought this stock because this is animportant item that families need with young kids, and thought I might get alot of money from this company. Next time I would sell this stock so I do notlose so much money. Buying stocks and bonds is not theonly way to save for retirement. There are lots of ways to save for retirement.

Other alternatives to save money for retirement is to delay paying income taxesor prepay your taxes. After playing the stock market game I learned that is youwant to take a profession in this you really have pay attention to the stocksand know how it really works. 


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