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The Maharaja of Punjab,Maharaja Ranjit Singh is considered the best ruler Punjab had ever seen. His era was known as the 40 golden years,and he was a strong, strategic,and inspiring king. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, known as the lion of Punjab , as he united the 12 misls of Punjab. As much as Maharaja Ranjit Singh was an excellent leader , no one is perfect. The Maharaja was a gallant warrior, and a strong yet considugte leader. At the same time, he was not  very much of a family man.         Despite all the struggles the Sikh kingdom had faced Ranjit Singh  was a great warrior that showed his skill and courage on the battlefield. With Ranjit Singh’s strength no one dared to attack his kingdom. Ranjit Singh worked really hard and trained really hard.He was just 5 years of age when he started training. Ranjit singh fought his first battle at the age of 11. Ranjit singh had to learn to handle stuff at a very small age.He covered for his dad when he was sick and he was only 12 years of age going into battles. Ranjit Singh wasn’t just a good leader because he started young, he also took care of a large loyal army of his.        Being a skilled warrior was not the only thing that made Ranjit Singh the lion of Punjab,he was also a great leader. What made him a great leader was his self-confidence and willpower, for example the time when the chieftains gathered at Amritsar. They had decided to run into the hills because of the attack from Shah Zaman.  The thing that changed their mind was Ranjit Singhs confidence. Another thing that made Ranjit Singh a great leader was that he did not care about what colour or cast his people were. Example he appointed people from every caste and religion as his ministers. One thing that every leader should do is care about the poor and Ranjit Singh did exactly that. For  example one time a poor woman came to him and said I heard you can turn things into gold. She asked him to turn her pot into  gold  so Ranjit Singh weighed her pot and gave her the same amount of gold as her pot weighed.        Among all of Ranjit Singhs good attentions and deeds he was not  a good father or husband. He was not a really good father because he wasn’t always there for his children. Due to him not giving a lot of attention to his children and teaching them right and wrong his son Kharak Singh did not turn out to be a great leader like him.Kharak Singh was engaged in womanising and was a very heavy opium user as a leader of Punjab. The things that made him a bad husband was that he had many wives and mistresses. He did not even accept all the children he had with those wives. He only accepted the ones that he thought were capable of something.      Ranjit Singh was a great ruler of Punjab. The things that made him a great ruler was that he was an excellent warrior, he was a fighting machine of the battlefield. He was also a very responsible and kind hearted leader. But like most people Ranjit Singh had a bad side. He was not a really good father to his children. And he did not give equal respect to all his wives, he mostly just had children with them and only excepted some children. But over all Ranjit Singh was one of the best ruler Punjab had ever seen.


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