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The article “The monster storm on Jupiter is 200 miles deep” by Sarah Kaplan is about the storm on Jupiter also known as the great red spot.  The storm has raged for over 127 years and could continue for longer than society exists.  Scientist do not understand why the color of the spot is red and how the storm has continued for so long.  The Great Red Spot may be beneficial for learning about Earth’s behavior.  Understanding the storm and how it was created may help scientists predict weather better than they did before.  Jupiter’s radiation belts also intrigue scientists as well.  Using the spacecraft Juno, scientists found a radiation belt.  The inner belt has many particles that are unknown to scientists today, which have electrons moving at the speed of light.  There was also another layer of particles outside of the radiation circle which had many particles that charged when with Jupiter’s atmosphere.  Juno also found that there were 70 mph cyclones and Jupiter had an uneven magnetic field. I chose this article because I am pretty interested in how gas planets are formed and Jupiter is a gas planet.  I would recommend this article to anybody who is interested in space because this article is about a planet in space..  Additionally, Jupiter is very big and it has a huge storm, which also intrigues me.  This relates to science because it is in the science category of NewsELA.  Also it has to do with astronomy, which is a branch of science.  The article is beneficial for me because it helps me understand more about Jupiter and also may lead to helping me predict weather.  This article by Sarah Kaplan could also help the average person predict weather as well.  Someone who is studying astronomy could learn more about Jupiter and even help create a model of how the storm was created and why it lasted so long.  The article describes modeling a Jupiter storm on Earth, but I don’t really understand how that would work.  For one, it would be a simulation of what caused it which would be hard to do because to find the cause, the ship would have to be able to penetrate through the storm and search for evidence on the ground as well as fly back up to transmit findings and search for more clues in the air.  Even with the incredibly advanced technology we have today, it is seemingly impossible to achieve.


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