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The value of ecosystem services is estimated at an average of $33 trillion dollars annually. The importance of our ecosystem revolves the contribution of human services which affects welfare. Our worlds natural assets and overall ecosystem becomes more and more uncertain in the future as we expect the value of what is already so significantly high, to increase even more. If we continue to damage our ecosystems at the rate it is going, it is inevitable that earth won’t be able to sustain the continuous damage. In the article, it focuses on the values of the services, what is ideal for our ecosystem, how we should approach sustainability, and where we globally should be focused or researched on.It is important to focus on our ecosystems functions.

The outlets that our ecosystem provides food, welfare, and infrastructure. Our ecosystem goes hand and hand with natural capital. Materials or information that exist with our ecosystem and that time. Ecosystem services that include materials like trees, minerals, energy, and information from capital stocks all affect the value of human welfare.

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Things like gas climate, water and disturbance regulation are meaningful ecosystem services we must consider. A variety of natural capital and ecosystem services have tremendous impact on human welfare. This leaving us stuck between which ismore important, our earths atmosphere or human welfare. Understanding that changes will not happen instantly, but the significance of a small change can lead to bigger benefits for everyone. For example, if we recycle more efficiently, our environment and everything that lives in or around it will only become healthier. Changes in natural capital and ecosystem services will affect the costs of maintaining human welfare.Arguments about the value of our ecosystem services exist about what would cost more, or which would benefit more. Perspectives decide which would be more tangible.

Some could say that the price of ecosystems can not be price and others could say the value of human life has no price. Difficulty in valuation of our ecosystem all comes down to the fact that we don’t get the last decision in terms of choices. Our ecosystems are being marketed but the consequences don’t really show. Forrest trees and fishes make good market prices but tearing them down or overfishing leads to more long-term damage that is rising quicker than we know.Services of ecological system and natural capital stocks produce many values that are critically affection our earths life-support system. Not only are our resources being damaged directly and indirectly, it seems that we are focused on values instead of future generations. All over the world we see different terrains broken down and put a price tagged on.

If we all worked together and make small changes, long term as a whole, we would be healthier and more valuable.


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