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The principles and practices of assessment are carried out so you can see how much your leaners have learnt  can demonstrate their skills. This will give you a good understanding of your learners needs.Initial assessment finding out if your learner has any previous experience or knowledge, this can be found out by looking at their application form, during an interview and during discussion with the learner. Carrying out Maths and English skills  test .

should help work out the learner strength and needs , and if they require additional support. Now you should be able to start planning your learner assessment plan. Agreeing with your learner suitable goals and methods of assessment. Setting the learner targets,  with target dates.

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Involve others working with the learner to ensure others are following relevant guidelines.Assessment activities for your learner should consist of asking your learner questions gaining information evidence, and observation which can be formative or summative.Assessment decisions and feedback to your learner should always be constructive ,making a decision if successful or otherwise. Agreeing with the learner if any further action is necessary to be able to move forward. Always make a record of what you assessed and your decisions.Records should be kept for all parts of the assessment cycle activities.

Formative assessment A formative assessment  can be carried out at any stage , it is informal  checking the learner professional. With the assessor close by to help the learner if needed. This will give the assessor a good understanding of what the learner have learnt and understand an give the learner guidance and more training in the area they may be weak in. The assessor can set targets for their learners to help them progress.Summative assessment A summative assessment is when the learner and the assessor feels the learner has the knowledge and skill  to carry out a service . Without the assessor stepping in. The learner must show they are confident  have good communication skill , the learner identify standards an carry them out.

The learner will demonstrate  they have learnt and understand the service they are carrying out. 


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