The they feel they are not desirable

Thefinal type of discrimination that could occur within society is positive discrimination. Positive discrimination is apractice or policy of favouring individuals belonging to groups who are victimsof discrimination.

Individuals are seen as more favourable due to theirindividual differences/characteristics; this could include things like goodlooks or something that would make their company more desirable rather thansomeone who would be an influential asset to the company. It is put in place tomake sure individuals such as women, or certain racial groups, homosexuals orany other reason people are discriminated against have a fair share ofopportunities and are not deprived from certain opportunities (employment) andhave an equal chance of living independent. If someone isn’t emphasized for acertain characteristic and another is and they’re picked, that would bepositive discrimination. However the act of positive discrimination does notenforce equality for all individuals, as the undesired are deprived from theopportunity. This would therefore make the certain company responsible forpositive discrimination and make their company unethical. An example of the useof positive discrimination is the fact that societies today are more obsessedwith beauty (the way individuals look) rather than how they can apply themselvesto a certain role within the world. An example of this occurring would be if abare manager was hiring for employment.

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Two fairly young girls applied for thesame role if a waitress. One was extremely attractive and the other hadexperience. However the manager hired the more attractive young lady as hebelieves she will attract more customers and make the business seem moredesirable, rather than the experienced lady who would be an influentialaddition to the team. These acts could be prevented by individuals having afairer view on what they believe makes something more desirable. If theseprovisions available were not put in to place and followed, individuals notchosen due to something beyond their control may become psychologicallydistressed as they feel they are not desirable enough.

Positive discriminationcould occur within a health and social setting by for example; a carer decidesto help immobile disabled individuals over mentally ill patients who are mobileas they feel it will make them and their organisation seem more desirable asthey are helping the disabled individuals who cannot work to gain a better lifeand help them access their environment. However, this could cause the otherpatients being unattended to due to them not being disabled feel unworthy anddevelop psychological distress.


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