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The Cure for Healthcare Documents Paper-based faxing is a manual and laborintensive document process. With the enormity of sensitive paperwork involvedin health insurance, the need to process documents in a more efficient way has finallyarrived in the form of faxingonline.   eFax®enables doctors, nurses and administrative staff a way to send and receivesecure faxes onlineallowing a more streamlined workflow.eFax: Just What the Doctor Ordered                                                                                                  So couldsending faxes onlineactually be good for your health?  Leadinghealthcare payers and providers unanimously agree. If less paperwork equalsless stress, then eFax is just what the doctor ordered. With eFax, healthcare providers are able to send and receive faxes morequickly and improve the use of time and resources. By sending faxesonline, healthcare firms can focus more on the health and care of thepatient and less on the paperwork.

Savetime and money*Nomore fax machines, paper, toner or maintenance costs                                                           *No more labor intensive documentprocessing                                                                             Improveefficiency and productivity                                                                                           *Sign and send faxes online without the need to print                                            *Confidentialinformation remains secure and private FromFax Machines to eFax: Making the Switch to Internet Faxing Onlinefax services such as eFax, have replaced traditional fax machines, maintenancecosts and user frustration. For just a small monthly subscription cost, onlinefax services enhance the functions performed by the old office fax machine. With such features as multifunction printer integration,auto-resend for busy fax numbers, convenient fax-by-email deliveryconfirmations, and custom cover pages, it’s no wonder healthcare providers aremaking the switch.

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 As one of the best online fax services available today, eFaxhas streamlined the healthcare process to a point where all the patient orprovider needs is an email address to transfer sensitive information back andforth. Howto Send a Fax  Sendinga fax online is aseasy as email. Simply open a new email and attach your fax document as anattachment. Address the email to your fax recipient’s fax number followed [email protected]

com (Example: [email protected]) Afteryou have attached your fax document to your email and addressed it to theproper recipient, simply click “send” and your secure fax is on its way. Try Free FaxingOnlineHealthcare is reliant on the business offaxing as well as the business of cutting costs.  With online faxing, they are able to do both.

Creating a paperless office that is more green and more efficient, whileprotecting confidential information is why more and more medical offices areturning to eFax. To get more healthcare providers on board, eFax is offeringoffices and hospitals to sendfree faxes for one month. Free faxing online allows you to decide if it’s right for youroffice without making a huge commitment. With online faxing, organizations engagein more secure document transmission, establish a digital archive of sent andreceived faxes, and make the process much more efficient.


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