The also recognized the need to gain practical

The contribution of Pharmacists to the healthcareindustry is based on two strands. A body of Knowledge on scientific principlesand the desire to help people and society. I believe pursuing a career inpharmacy is the best route to incorporate these two strands to improve thehealth and well-being of communities.

This prospect of studying pharmacyexcites me as it permits me to explore my intellectual interests on abiochemical dimension level while having a positive, practical impact onpeople’s lives.I understand Pharmacy is challenging. However, Ibelieve via the A-level courses I have been studying I have developed a solidgrounding for the Pharmacy course. The combination of Chemistry, Biology, andpsychology has put me in an excellent starting point.

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I know understand theeffects of different types of chemical stimuli on the human body, and alsoequipped me with Critical thinking and analytical skills that are an essentialpre-requisite for any scientist.In addition to laying a strong theoretical foundationfor the course, I have also recognized the need to gain practical experience. Iundertook a Placement at my local day Lewis pharmacy which has given me agreater perspicacity into the operation of a pharmacy, during my placement, Ishadowed a pharmacist and observed many of the essential practical aspects of acareer in store. That Included the processing of medicine use reviews (MURs),and the importance of the medical ethics pharmacists are bound to, providingpatients’ treatment and medication without judgment and in confidence. Anunusual situation involved a girl under the age of sixteen requesting themorning after pill, where I then had to complete a mini-questionnaire beforeshe could receive the tablet. I quickly realized the significant influence apharmacist has on society, as well as seeing how pharmacy is the front line ofhealthcare.At my sixth form, I have been an active member ofthe medical society and the STEM society. I completed various projectsincluding an eco-schools scheme where I conducted meetings with members ofCroydon council to discuss means of making my school more sustainable.

I havealso excelled in my part-time position at Marks and Spencer. This role hasimproved my ability to function as part of a team. Furthermore BeingTrilingual, I have utilized my English, Arabic, and French to communicateinformation appropriately to customers from around the world, which can also bedeemed as an essential element of a pharmacist’s role when dealing withpatients in layman’s terms.Outside of academia, I played football for oversix years where I was playing at a semi-professional level for Carshaltonathletic football club. My excellent leadership skills meant I was chosen torepresent my team as the captain through this responsibility I learnt the importanceof allowing others to develop their skills in a group. In my free time, I alsoenjoy an array of other sports including boxing and swimming. Regular exercisehas highlighted the importance of keeping the mind and body healthy, so tofocus better on studies and work.

Throughout my life, I have worked hard to ensureI achieve my objectives whether that be in my personal life or my studies. Ihave demonstrated myself to be a compassionate, driven and determinedindividual who is always looking to improve through taking every possibilityfor feedback. My ability to rationalize and to be receptive to this feedbackmeans that I will never stop learning and this will be beneficial for my futurestudies.

I am now seeking the opportunity to converge these skills on a careerin pharmacy via the MPharm course. Innovative medicines are continually beingdeveloped for emerging diseases, a pharmacist’s role is paramount inefficiently providing drugs safely. I relish the idea of challenging myself inthis field in the future to subsequently better myself and society. 


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