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The belief about the death of Jesus is found in all three Ibrahimic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). This belief differs in each religion. Jews did not accepted Jesus as prophet of God instead they believe that prophet “Elijah” after descending from heaven1, physically, had to tell about Messiah.

This condition according to them was not fulfilled in the person of Jesus. Due to this condition and slandering Jesus birth from a virgin2, they declared Jesus as a liar and cursed one. And in the court of the Roman governor, Pilate they sentenced Jesus with death on the cross after the trial.

Like this, they consider birth and death of Jesus as cursed3, and until now they pray for the arrival of prophet “Elijah”4 and the Messiah5.Contrary to Jews Christians believe that Elijah came in the person of John the Baptist, no other Elijah will ever come6. he is the only son of God7 from a virgin.8 Jesus though was innocent gave his life on the cross as atonement for the salvation of Adam’s sin that was inherited by humanity.

9 He was resurrected and lifted to heaven by God after three days.10 He is a partner in Gods eternity and in later days, will descend to earth.11 Now salvation of people is possible only in believing death on the cross as truth12.When we look at the concept of death of Jesus in Islam, there are different beliefs in different sects of Islam. But most commonly mainstream Muslims believe that Jesus did not die on the cross. Jews could not kill him or crucify him; another person was killed or crucifies instead of Jesus. Allah saved him and lifted him to heavens bodily13.

But there is another sect in Islam, Ahmadiyya Muslims they believe in miracle birth from virgin Mary. Jews put him on the cross as they planned, but God’s contraption overcame their plan and after few hours Jesus was taken off the cross in a state of coma. His wounds were treated with the ointment (Ointment of Jesus) by his two secret disciples. After recovery, Jesus met with his other disciples and migrated to Kashmir in the east where He died, in search of lost sheeps of Israel, to complete His mission. His tomb is in Srinagar. No one will descend from heaven. Prophet Ahmad of Qadian, founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim community, is the promised Messiah and name of Jesus is given as a metaphor14.                The events related to the death or escape of Prophet Jesus after He was taken down from cross are of extreme importance for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Each one of the three has a different tale to tell that is based on perception from the history. The historical work is often greatly affected by the personal beliefs and mentality of historian. Thus, the historical work must be investigated carefully so that reliable is separated from the unreliable and accept what seems to be reasonable and acceptable to human intelligence in the light of other similar cases.

The tale is an essential part of religious beliefs of each of the three. Followers of Judaism believe that by nailing Jesus to the cross and putting him to an accursed death He was a false prophet. Christians believe the same about His death, but they say the cause of His death was to save humanity. Death of Jesus on cross, followed by His resurrection is an essential basis of Christianity. In the Holy Quran, God declares Jesus as His messenger who was sent to House of Israel and was not only saved by God from the accursed death designed by opponents but was also give a natural death like other divine prophets.

This is a really delicate issue to discuss but if we try to understand the happening of events and throw light on the pages of history to get an insight about what happened and why then we can surely come to the conclusion that Jesus did not die on cross, but was taken down in a state of unconsciousness and His believers cured him and He along with his believers travelled to Kashmir where He died a natural death like other prophets of God. In the book “Where did Jesus die” by “J.D.

Shams” the series of events are explained and examined so well that an unbiased, truth seeker person can easily understand that Jesus did not die on cross nor He rise to heaven right after He was taken down from cross, instead He travelled from Jerusalem to Kashmir and lived there and died a natural death. 1 Malachi 4:5–62 3 Deuteronomium 21:234 5 6 Matthew 17:10-137 John 1:148 Matthew 1:18-259 Galatians 3:1310 1 Corinthians 15:3–411 John 14:1–312 Romans 5:12–2113 Maududi, Sayyid Abu al-Ala, Page 398, Usmani Shabbir Ahmad, Surah Nisa Page 47914 Page 5


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