The advantage being knowing the geography of the fighting

The colonists winning the American Revolution was an anomaly.  The colonists were not well supplied or trained,
while the British had been unbeatable for the past century.  Even when fighting powerful nations, such as
France and Spain, the British won.  But,
the colonists did have many advantages, the main advantage being knowing the
geography of the fighting grounds. 
France decided to form an alliance with the colonists not long after the
American Revolution began, helping to make the Americans stronger.  The alliance with the French helped raise the
colonists’ spirits and many colonists were consistently determined to gain
independence from Britain.  With an
alliance with such a powerful country and being leaded by the amazing George
Washington helped the Continental Army stay strong and keep fighting.

Being right at home gave the colonists many
advantages.  The British army needed to
wait months for military supplies to arrive from overseas, while the colonists
needed someone to make the military supplies.  The colonist’s military supplies were
available almost immediately after they were completed.  The only problem with that was that the
colonists did not have everything they needed to make military supplies.  But, once the alliance with France happened
the colonists became better supplied. 
Also, the colonists knew the fighting grounds, giving them an advantage
over the British.  The British were learning
the land and trying to fight, while the colonists knew the land.  The colonists used this against the British
with guerrilla warfare.

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France had been humiliated by Britain previously and
the French wanted to avenge their country. 
The French had great interest in helping the colonists fight for
independence from Britain and not long after the American Revolution began
France created the Franco-American Treaties. 
Without the French Alliance the colonists probably would not have won
independence.  Spain also joined in and
helped the colonists.  Together the French
and Spanish helped fund the colonists and fight in the American Revolution.  Though, the French and Spanish did not only
fight in the New World, but they also fought with Britain on a second front.  These alliances helped to raise the colonist’s
spirits and gave them more confidence in their fighting.  Though, some of the colonists did not want
independence from Britain, most did and their attitudes were relatively positive
and their spirits were high.  The
colonists were excited to finally gain independence and were confident that
they would.

George Washington’s first time commanding a large army
in the field was during the American Revolution.  The reason for George Washington’s
appointment to the commander of the Continental Army was due to the fact that
he had the most military experience out of the Congressional delegates.  During Washington’s time commanding he
created a smallpox inoculation program, due to smallpox killing many
people.  After inoculating all the soldiers,
the rate of death by smallpox fell from 17% to around 1%.  Times were rough during the American
Revolution and the military were not getting paid regularly, so some of the
military officers were thinking of rebelling. 
Washington gave an inspiring speech to remind the soldiers of what they
were fighting for.  After the speech,
most of the soldiers and officers were touched and reminded that their efforts
are for the whole country’s independence, and that they are serving the country
that they want to make free.  These
qualities and abilities of George Washington helped contribute to the success of
the American Revolution.

There was much trouble throughout the American
Revolution on both sides.  The British
needed to learn the area they were fighting in and wait around a month for
supplies to arrive, while the colonists needed to find ways to make supplies
and fight the strongest military of its time. 
With help from allies and George Washington’s great leadership the
colonists never lost hope and kept fighting for what they believed in. After a
long fight in the American Revolution the colonists finally gained independence
and created the Land of the Free.


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