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The birth of my cousin is what grew a strong aspiration to study about diseases and illnesses at a molecular level. While pregnant in Srilanka, my aunt contacted Rubella virus and she was told that he wouldn’t have lived for more than 6 weeks. Although greatly affected by the virus, which caused him deafness, he is now 8 years old. His life was saved thank to good medical research and service. I moved to the England in 2012 from Italy,my birth country, however, I am originally from Srilanka. I had 2 years to learn English and pass my GCSE exams. I demonstrated that I can adjust to challenging situations advance my confidence and increase my flexibility. The diversity and extensiveness of the issues enclosed within Biomedical Science extremely appeal to me and the interaction between biology and chemistry in a medical situation is why I want to study Biomedical Science; I find it thrilling how with appropriate research into medical drugs and the way human physique functions we can improve treatments that will advance the health of individuals and treat illnesses. Within my current studies in Foundation Year at Middlesex University, I am doing subjects that greatly aid me in further understanding of the human body which I have very much been fascinated by for as long as I can remember.  I really enjoy sciences and found chemistry intriguing while learning about antibiotic resistance, particularly Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus and the consequences for treatment of illnesses. In biology, I enjoy learning about different neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, that I have been exploring by doing online MOOC courses. Studying the Italian language for my GCE’s helped me in my communication skills. This will henceforward aid me to talk with people who can speak Italian as well as Sinhalese, German and French (all languages I’ve learnt) but are not fluent in speaking in English. I took Art and Design AS which brought me up to have a more lateral, diverse and more creative way of seeing things and stop thinking within set restrictions.My work experience opportunities, in both England and Srilanka, led me into understanding the differences in the health-care system in the two countries, in England we have access to both NHS and private healthcare, whereas in Srilanka only private healthcare is present. This does put the vastly underprivileged citizens of Srilanka in major difficulty because of the high costs of medications and other health services. In Srilanka I worked in a pharmacy shadowing the Pharmacist where I learnt how to take blood pressure readings and test blood sugar levels, and I saw first-hand the effects of poverty on people’s health and well-being. This is motivating me to volunteer in Srilanka and help out the small clinics to give back to their community.In England, I was able to shadow doctors at Evelina Hospital as well as St Thomas’ Hospital in London, first placement was in paediatrics and second in A, which gave me an insight into the hectic and demanding life of doctors as well as the sense of accomplishment one can gain by helping someone with their illnesses. Through work experience I also gained more skills such as lateral thinking and problem solving, as well as improving my communication skills. In secondary school, I was a leader as a Netball Team Captain, and played as a member of a handball and synchronized swimming team. I was a school Prefect for 4 years, where I helped to organize school events. I also had a part-time job during summer 2017; working as a sales assistant aided me in the understanding about duty, commitment and timekeeping, all constructive skills when studying a stimulating degree.Being instantaneously fascinating and diverse, biomedical sciences is a course I would love to study. I am aware of how demanding this degree is, however, I am confident that my determination and personal qualities will aid me into becoming a biomedical researcher. 


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