“The president of the United States in 1860,

“The acknowledgment of failure and the willingness to learn from it results in the growth of our minds and success in the future.” –Herschel Licht
All humans fail. Real success is not avoiding failure, but accepting responsibility, learning what to do with it, understanding why it happened, and growing to avoid other mistakes. It is better to attempt something and fail than never attempt anything. While studying Abraham Lincoln in my history class, I had a profound revelation. He lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown. He never quit. Elected as president of the United States in 1860, he became one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country. Perseverance, persistence, and hard work seem to be the key to success.
I exercise four steps to overcome my failures. First, I accept that failure is part of the process of learning. I tell myself that I am not a failure just because I had a setback. I remind myself to do things of value in life I will fail. A mistake is a stepping stone in my journey to where I need to be. Second, I feel my emotions. I let out my frustration. I clear my head to accept what happened and to maintain focus on the issue. Third, I reflect on what happened and why it happened. I am brutally honest with myself. If I do not do this step, I will not learn and therefore could repeat the mistake. Finally, move forward. I fail forward. I learn from my mistakes and make corrections until I succeed. Some adjustments that I have made include the following: writing in a journal, soliciting advice from a mentor or parent, soaking up information from resources, and asking myself a series of questions. What can I learn from this? How can I adjust my path to avoid making the same mistake? What is one thing I can do differently?


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