The much influence the quality of education

The Role of Teacher or Lecturer to Ensure
Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education Opportunities for All










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Praise be to God who has helped his servant finish
this paper with great ease. Without help, he may not be able to complete the
author well.


The paper is organized so that readers can find out
how much influence the quality of education that we provide based on
observations from various sources. This paper set up by the compiler with
various obstacles. Whether it came from the self-constituent or who come from
outside. But with patience and especially the help of God finally, this paper can be resolved. This paper
includes on “The Role of Teacher or Lecturer to Ensure Inclusive and Equitable
Quality Education Opportunities for All” and deliberately chosen because the
authors draw attention to scrutiny and need support from all parties who care
about education.


Authors also thank the teachers/lecturers
who have helped to make to finish this
paper. Hopefully, this paper can provide
a broader insight into the reader.
Although this paper has advantages and disadvantages. Authors beg for advice
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Muhammad Rizky Hasyim










A. Issue Background

B. Problem Identification

C. Limitation Of Problems.

D. Problem Formulation.



A. School Library Purpose.

B. School Library Functions.

C. Library Donations To The Implementation Of
Educational Programs In Schools



A. Knot

B. Advice




Chapter I



Knowledge, science, and technology are always
evolving, in accordance with the times and the development of human
thinking.The Indonesian nation as one of the developing countries will not be able
to advance as long as not improve the quality of human resources of our nation
and so the worldwide. Quality of life of the nation can be increased if
supported by an established educational system. With an established education
system, allows us to think critically, creatively, and productively.


In the 1945 Constitution stated that the country we
want to create is a smart society. To achieve an intelligent nation, we have form
learning communities. Learning communities can form if you have the ability and
listening skills and a great interest in reading and studying. If reading is a
habit and entrenched in society, then obviously the book cannot be separated
from everyday life and is a basic requirement that must be met. Then studying is an important part of the process of learning, and require a
good education.


In the world of education, the book proved efficient
and right order as one means of education and means of communication. In this
regard, the library and library services should be developed as one
installation to realize the objectives of the intellectual life of the nation.
Libraries are a vital part and the greatest effect on the quality of education.


The title of this paper is deliberately chosen because
the authors draw attention to scrutiny and need support from all parties who
care about education.


Problems (Background)

accordance with the title of this paper “The Role
of Teacher or Lecturer to Ensure Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education Opportunities
for All”,
in relation to the implementation of education programs at schools, functions, and contribute to the implementation of the program education. In connection with that
title, then the problem can be identified as follows:

How does the role of teacher or
lecturer in the implementation of
education programs?

How can the teacher or lecturer truly improve
the quality of education in school or university?

Which points of the Pancasila are concerned in this


Of Problems

To clarify the scope of
discussion, the issues discussed is limited to the problem:
a. The role of the teacher or lecturer towards the implementation of education
programs in schools or university;
b. The ways for the teacher or lecturer can really improve the quality of
education in schools or university.

c. The implementation of
Pancasila on improving the quality of education in schools or university.

Problem Formulation

Based on the background
and the limitation issue, the problems discussed can be formulated as follows:

1. How does the
description of the role of teacher or lecturer on the implementation of
education programs in schools or university?

2. How can the description of the way for the teacher or
lecturer truly improve the quality of education in schools or university?

3. How can the Pancasila
give an impact on the quality of education in schools or university?

Chapter II


or lecturer is an integral part of
educational institutions. A good quality
education is one that provides all learners with capabilities they
require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods,
contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual

The Role of The Teacher or Lecturer

The teacher and lecturer is
a figure that we often meet everywhere, in the neighborhood, family members and
of course in schools or university. In
law number 14 of 2005 article 1 is translated on teachers and lecturers,
“teachers and lecturers are professional educators with the main task of
educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, assessing, and evaluating
learners in early childhood education formal education path, primary education, and secondary education “. A teacher
has a very important role in the classroom that is to educate, teach, guide,
direct, train, assess, and evaluate learning as described in the Act above.

The teacher plays a role
in conveying the knowledge to the students. Teachers are the source of their
students’ learning. From the teacher, students are taught to read, write and
count. And from the teacher, students get new knowledge and character
education. Teacher as the second parent who was in school after the biological
parents at home. Prey Katz (Aini, 2012),
describes the role of the teacher as a communicator, a friend who can give
advice, motivator as an inspiration and encouragement, an advisor in the development of attitude and
behavior and values, people who master the material taught.

to Sanjaya (2006: 21) the role of
teachers in the learning process there are seven namely :

1. Teachers as learning

The role of the teacher
as a learning resource is related to the teacher’s ability in learning. Once
the students ask, with a quick and responsive, the teacher will be able to answer
directly in a language that is easily understood by the students.

2. Teacher as a

The role of the teacher
as a facilitator in providing services to students to facilitate students
receive the subject matter. With effective and efficient learning.

3. Teachers as managers

In the learning process,
teachers function to take full control of the climate in the learning
environment. Rather like a captain who holds the steering wheel of a ship,
which brings the ship to a safe and
comfortable road. Master wake up to a comfortable and conducive classroom.
Students can receive learning comfortably.

4. Teachers as

Role as a demonstrator
here means taking to the streets to march. But what is meant here is that the
teacher as a figure that plays a role to show the attitudes that will inspire
students to do the same, even better.

5. Teacher as mentor

Teachers are asked to be able to direct students to be
as he wants. But of course, the teacher guides and directs to be able to
achieve the ideals and dreams of these students.

6. Teachers as motivators

The learning process will
be successful if the students have motivation disclaim
him. Therefore, teachers also play an important role in fostering motivation and
passion in students to learn.

7. Master as an elevator

After doing the learning
process, the teacher is full of all the results that have been done during the
learning process. This evaluation can not only be achieved in achieving the
learning objectives. But also as an evaluation of the success of teachers who
are doing learning activities.

Improving The Quality of Education

are one of the most important elements in education. Both the poor quality of
education is largely determined by teacher quality standards. Therefore,
teachers need to improve their competencies as stated in Law Number 14 the Year 2005 regarding Teachers and Lecturers.
There are four competencies that must be met teachers, namely pedagogic
competence, personality, professional, and social competence.

what about the competency standards of teachers in Indonesia, whether it meets
the four competencies above? The facts on the ground show that teacher
competence still needs to be improved. This was revealed by the Head of Human
Resource Development Agency of Culture Education (BPSDMPK) Ministry of
Education and Culture Syahwal Gultom (2013). Teachers’ competency test in the last three years shows the result of
standardization still needs to be
improved to reach the target of education service standard for teacher

course, there must be concrete steps to
improve the quality and competence of teachers. Ministry of Education and
Culture. This and anticipate it by creating a standard mapping in Indonesia.
Various training to improve teacher
competence have been done, including teaching training that is adapted to the
development of the times such as technology utilization.

Improving teaching and learning facilities is also an important factor in
improving teacher competence. Not a strange sight when teachers use multimedia
equipment in teaching and learning activities. This will increase the
professional competence of teachers that will have a positive impact on
improving the quality of students.

such as training, briefing, and teacher empowerment are certainly essential to
improve their quality. By improving teacher quality standards in Indonesia, the
quality of education will increase significantly. After all, education is
something very important. As Allan Bloom says, an American philosopher,
culturalist and academic, “education is the movement from darkness to
light.” Let us improve the quality of Indonesian human beings better
through education.

The Impact From Pancasila On Our Education

is one of the basic education of national in Indonesia. Pancasila also as a
basic knowledge that has values and norms that have been accepted by the
community as a personality of the Indonesian nation.

Belief in the One Supreme.

the precepts, we are taught to believe in
one God. Where a people are taught to
take care of their respective religious affairs without interfering in the
religious affairs of others. Having only one God, we as religious followers
will learn about how we worship our Lord, about his attributes. That way we
know what comes from our Lord so that the
direction of our goal will be more directed by staying guided by what has been
taught by the previous figures.

Just and civilized humanity

precepts play a role in teaching a teacher how to educate people with a sense
of humanity. Educate people to be a person who has a sense of humanity. Educate
with a sense of humanity in order not only to selfish, but concerned with
others. Since man is essentially parallel to other human beings, no higher and
lower classes, which distinguish only his devotion to God.

Unity of Indonesia

the precepts, we are taught to unite even
though we are different religions, cultures, races, ethnic groups and so on,
but we remain the same that is citizens of Indonesia based on Pancasila.
Although we are different, we are not the same but with the oath of youth, we
have the same blood, the same people, and the same language as the unifying of
the differences between us all.

Democracy led by wisdom of wisdom in deliberations of representation

precept teaches
us to democracy, especially for discuss
by accepting the opinions of others. At
this point, education becomes a reference
in decision making. Through collective agreements that will result in mutual
consensus. For example when in class, when teachers assign students to
democracy about a problem. So through this task, the child has begun to be
taught to democracy by issuing opinions and appreciate the opinions of his

Social justice for all Indonesian people

precepts play a role in an education. Where a leader should be fair to all
members in education. Do not discriminate against one another.

reviewed as a whole of the principles of Pancasila, then Pancasila has several
roles in education, such as.

As the basis and purpose of education

Education is closely related to values and norms. Because the essence of
education itself is humanizing human beings. Based on the meaning of the
contents of the Pancasila, then everyone involved in education has a basis for
determining goals, curriculum, learning methods, and so forth.

As the basis of the curriculum

The educational objectives to be achieved must be in accordance with the
curriculum. So in the formation of the curriculum must be based on Pancasila
for the general purpose of Indonesia’s national education is able to achieve. Based on Pancasila goals that want
the education desired by the school will be more focused.


















Based on the description of
the discussion ” The Role of Teacher or Lecturer to Ensure Inclusive
and Equitable Quality Education Opportunities for All ” can be concluded that:

1.      The
role of teacher or lecturer is to improve
quality education at school or university

2.      Teacher
or lecturer is very important in improving quality education, with improving the
quality of the teacher itself or the facilities and infrastructure.

The principles of Pancasila have several roles in education, as the basis
and purpose of education and as the basis of the curriculum.


on the role of the teacher or lecturer so much contribution in the
implementation of education programs in schools or university, the author provides
suggestions as follows:

1.      Teacher
and lecturer should be managed in
accordance with the purposes and functions.

2.      The
role of the teacher and lecturer professional should be shared with another teacher or lecturer











Citizenship Education
Book For High School

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