The above Table 4

The above Table 4.1 describes that age distributions of respondents accordingly, 136(54.8 %) are beteeween18-30 age, 67(27.0 %) are 31-40 age, 33(13.3%) are in the range of 41-50 age and the remaining 7(2.8%) are above 50 years old. This implies that most of the respondents are active age groups that are in the position to understand and respond to the questions related to the study.
The above table 4.1 also indicates that educational level of the respondents thus, 85(34.3%) have 1-12 drop out and graduated 59(23.8) have degree and above 58 (23.4%) have a diploma 22(8.9%) have illiterate and the remaining 19 (7.8%) of the respondents have certificate. This shows that they were able to give appropriate response and it is a good opportunity to get valid data.
Regarding to interviewees, 3 interviewer of housing and development sector leaders 2 of them have got Masters degree 1 of them have got degree 2 interviewees of health extension workers 2 of them have got diploma 6 kebele executive leaders interviewees 1 of them have got degree 4 of them have got diploma the remain one leader have got certificate. From hospital and health sector managers 2 of them have got bachelor degree


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